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The Business Wardrobe in a Post-COVID World

Dress for Success with Fielding & Nicholson and Risch With some trepidation myself and Dominik Risch of Risch Shoemakers, Zürich, planned to hold an event on the 25th May. After initially doubting the idea, we went about setting up the space and sending out invitations to old and new clients. We were not disappointed and […]

5 types of shirts every well-dressed man should have in their wardrobe

Fashion is ever-evolving but here are our top 5 shits every well-dressed man in 2023 should own. This small but mighty collection will cover you for formal dressing-up events to casual drinks at the pub on the weekend, but you will always look good. The classic white dress shirt A timeless piece that you just […]

10 summer-style essentials you should own

Summer is nearly upon us and making sure you have everything in your wardrobe ready for whatever the warmer months might bring is key to always looking good. Here are our top 10 essentials to make sure you are always looking tip-top. Plain white T-shirts A plain white tee is often the base of a […]

Need to spruce up your office wardrobe?

Sometimes you just need a little wardrobe spruce up, pieces getting too old to wear to work or you just need a few new pieces to keep it looking fresh. Here are our top tips on keeping your office wardrobe in tip-top shape and ready for whatever your workday might bring. Invest in your basics […]

A guide to double-breasted suits

When thinking about investing in a double-breasted suit there are a few things you should be considering to ensure you get the perfect timeless and sophisticated suit just for you. Fit In the rules of tailoring a double-breasted suit should fit snuggly but not tight, which allows it to look flattering when buttoned up and […]

Investing in bespoke at a young age

Whether you need a suit for a special occasion such as a wedding, funeral, family gathering, or formal event, or you need one for your 1st job interview, university interview, or Apprenticeship. Owning your first suit is a big thing especially if it is bespoke, we believe it puts a young man on the path […]

Our new team member

We would like to introduce our newest team member, Lewis Calcutt, who will be running the new Cheshire showroom and also happens to be family. Lewis is Ian’s brother in law and we are very excited to have him on board for our return to the Northwest We want to introduce him properly so we […]

Winter trouser options

From Flannel to corduroy there are hundreds of winter trouser options to choose from, including for all types of occasions: smart to smart casual and just casual. When you have a perfectly tailored pair of trousers they are hugely versatile. Made to the perfect length, and pleated in just the right places a well-cut pair […]

Concours on Savile Row

The Concours of elegance show on Savile Row took place on the 15th and 16th June and was full of exquisite suits, great style and incredible cars, what more could you want. We had a look round and have chosen our favourite car along with a couple of our favourite looks. David Gandy in a […]

Our guide to bespoke shirts

Fabrics When it comes to fabric there is a huge selection and depending on what you want to pay our tailoring consultants will show you a range in your budget. Luxury fabrics such as sea island cotton and Egyptian cotton are extremely soft and perfect for shirting, the price point reflects that. Compared to Highstreet […]

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