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Formal Business Attire

Formal business attire is a professional dress code that’s neat, well-ironed, and wrinkle-free. It refers to the clothing that you wear in a professional setup. Besides office cultures, such attires are common for other formal settings like award functions, events, and posh dinners.

Formal business attire in males can vary from business casuals to business formals. The majority of the time, it involves wearing elegant custom suits with conservative colours and accessories for men. A well-designed and modern suit generates self-confidence and makes a great first impression in a formal setting.

At Fielding and Nicholson, we follow a bespoke approach to producing sophisticated and exquisite professional custom-made suits. We make our suits with refined tailoring skills to satisfy all client requirements. 

Get the Best Business Formal Attire for Men in the UK

Fielding & Nicholson can create high-quality, elegant suits for business formal attire men. We have professional hands in creating the best business suits in the UK for our clients. Our eminent tailoring services deliver the perfect balance of luxurious apparel and flawless fitting on the suits.

We specialise in:

  • Crafting classic London custom suits for your next business meeting, event or shoot
  • Modish cloth cuts, colours, and patterns for stylish services
  • A bespoke approach to fit individual client needs
  • Exquisite varieties of suits, shirts, and accessories for all business occasions
  • Best craftsmanship and passion devoted to customer satisfaction

We understand how modern men want class and style in their appearance. That’s why we provide a luxurious range of clothes and apparel that collates with the current era.

Our exclusive services aren’t limited to expertly tailored suits alone. We have a full-fledged package of stylish shirts and top-quality accessories for your formal business attire. At Fielding & Nicholson, you will get only high-end clothing materials for the best results on your formal look.

Enhance your formal attire look with excellent bespoke suits

There are many situations, apart from professional ones, when formal business attire is the natural dress code. Yet, it is on the work-related occasions that the impression you make matters the most.

The first time you make contact with your client, employer, or colleague, you begin analysing. You make assumptions, craft expectations, and prepare strategies to approach the second party with. It is natural – the first impression is crucial. Thus, formal attire truly matters.

Even if the dress code is formal smart casual, you have to be dressed in an excellent outfit. Yet, most mass-produced suits, shirts and trousers will simply be average – they will evoke the same feelings in your speaker. Our formal business attire is different.

With our outfits, you will add uniqueness to your looks. You will be one level above, without overstepping the line. Your suit will fit you perfectly, and the little, personalized elements will change the way people perceive you tremendously – even if they will not spot them consciously.

Fielding & Nicholson – Your comfortable formal attire tailor

Apart from looks, you need to feel comfortable in your business clothes. You will wear them in situations which require perfect manners, when every detail matters. Stress may play its role as well – when closing an excessively important deal is on the line, even the calmest person will feel anxious. Do you want your clothes to be an enemy at those occasions?

Mass-produced formal attire will never be fitted to you. There will always be elements that might cause discomfort, restrict your movement and add up to the discomfort of stress. But, this is not a problem of bespoke suits.

Our custom-made shirts and suits are the perfect solution. Made by our excellent tailors, they will be adjusted to your body, to achieve the maximum comfort level. Thus, if you wish for your formal business attire to be your friend and truly help you – book a consultation now.

What’s Unique About Our Modern Business Attire For Male?

Fielding & Nicholson is a leading name for bespoke and tailor-made suits in London. Our unique take on suits has made us come a long way! Other than our stunning collection and crafting skills, we offer great value to the customers. Here’s what makes us so special:

We specialise in:

Custom-tailored suits

Custom-tailored suits help to bring originality to your wardrobe. It improves the overall fit and maintains a fashion statement in your look. At Fielding & Nicholson, we offer the best quality custom-tailored suits for your business attire. 

Our London tailors have long-term expertise in creating stylish apparel for tycoons and entrepreneurs. So, you can stay assured of bespoke and elegant suits for your next event.

Easy Process

To enjoy our tailoring services, you need to follow a simple four-step process:

  • Consultation: Get initial consultation with skilled tailoring consultants
  • Cloths: Select relevant cloth materials for your tailor-made suits
  • Measurements: Give measurements for the suit fittings
  • Fitting: Get the best fitting with three different formats

We follow each of the above steps thoroughly to create the best business attire for our clients. Nearly 6-8 weeks (tentative) after your order, your apparel/suits will be ready for the first fit.

Best Clothing Materials and Styles

Fielding & Nicholson offers different styles and materials for your business professional attire. Be it waterproof wool or a supreme cashmere blend, our range of clothing materials are excellent for bespoke apparel. We are also proficient in offering various styles like the modern fit, slim fit, and classic fits.

Clothing Assistance

We have expert tailors to guide you with clothing choices for your business attire in the UK. They will walk through your wardrobe to examine your style. After that, they will collate it with your requirements and help you choose the relevant clothes for the bespoke suit. While matching the tailored suits, they will also match shirts and ties to save your time from unnecessary cloth hunting. 

Best Fitting

Our expert London tailors are precise while taking the measurements. They take detailed measurements of your physique to deliver the best fitting for the bespoke suits. All in all, they take 15+ measurements along with photographs to ensure comfortable and fully-fashioned apparel.

We are on Savile Row!

Fielding & Nicholson is set in the heart of Savile Row. Savile Row is a renowned street in Mayfair, central London. It’s known for providing premium quality and traditional bespoke tailoring for men. The street shares a long history of exporting tailored apparel to retailers and department stores.

A bespoke suit from Savile Row is the highest level of tailoring there can be! Call us today for the best business attire in the UK.

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