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Country & Shooting Attire

Country & Shooting Attire involves stylish, rugged apparel with complementing accessories like hats and cowboy boots. It’s a type of clothing that people wear when they visit the countryside or go shooting. Country & shooting outfits depend on the formality and type of the event. However, most of the time, it’s a formal dress code with tweed suits. An English shooting attire includes:

  • Jackets, coats, or suits
  • Waistcoat
  • Tweed breeks/trousers

Traditional tweed clothes made with lightweight and durable fabrics give a smart country look to men. At Fielding and Nicholson, we offer a vast range of shooting and country apparel made from breathable and waterproof tweed materials. We produce custom-made and quality suitings to meet the highest tailoring standards for your country shooting wear.

Get the Best Country Clothing Attire in the UK 

Fielding and Nicholson offer diverse bespoke suits, shirts, and accessories to complete your shooting outlook. Besides that, we believe in combining comfort, style, and measurement accuracy to commit to our clients. Our expert tailor team can help you with the following:

Thorough Wardrobe Examination

We can analyse your wardrobe to get a clear idea of your style. Our tailors are committed to excellence and precision in clothes. So, we walk through your wardrobe for a detailed inspection that can last up to an hour.

Cloth Selection

Our skilled London tailors can assist you in finding relevant clothes for your shooting apparel. They can also match the shirts, suits, and accessories to create the perfect combination.

Correct Measurements

At Fielding and Nicholson, we are very specific about the measurements. That's why we measure your physique accurately for the best possible fit. Most of the time, your apparel is ready for the first fit within 6-8 weeks. It can also be sooner, depending on the orders and requirements.

Precise Fitting

The first fit can happen in three different formats. It depends on the type of design you want for your bespoke clothing in the UK. We execute this step in the initial stages of the tailoring process to give the best cloth fitting.

A perfect shooting attire integrates a robust waterproof jacket/suit with layering underneath. Shirts and ties are worn by the shooters as a mark of respect to the quarry and hosters. At Fielding and Nicholson, we know these prerequisites, and that’s why we can craft the best country & shooting attire for you. 

Why Choose Our Tailors For Country Shooting Clothing in the UK?

We understand that styles and preferences differ from person to person. Today’s modern men look for traditional quality and classic style for fresh shooting attire. That’s why our expert craftsmen understand the importance of creating high-quality suits and clothes for each style. We also specialise in:

Skilled and Experienced Tailors

Fielding and Nicholson offer best in class tailors to create your country shooting outfit. We are committed to detail, excellence, and style for high-end outcomes. Here's what makes our tailors the best in the UK:

  • High-end sewing skills
  • In-depth knowledge of tailoring techniques
  • Thorough understanding of pattern-making and garment construction
  • Good knowledge of human body structure and shapes
  • Knowledge of in-class fashion and modern apparel

Best Clothing Materials

Country and shooting outfits require sturdy clothing materials for rugged activities and events. That's why we offer the best quality apparels that are traditionally tweed or waterproof. If you aren't sure about the clothing materials, our skilled tailors can advise you about the same. We also keep contemplating the materials with your style for a complete classy combination.

Well-stocked Boutique Studio

We have a diverse boutique studio where you can choose from over 5000 different clothes. To keep yourself entertained, you can pre-select a playlist of your choice and enjoy the music while looking through our collection. You can also witness the initial stages of tailoring as our bespoke tailors cut and make garments right in front.

Savile Row

We are based at the heart of Mayfair, 35 Sackville Street, off Savile Row. Savile Row is a famous street in central London that offers traditional bespoke tailoring for men. The term ‘bespoke’ that's commonly used in the tailoring industry is said to have come from Savile Row. When a cloth or suit is ‘bespoke’, it means ‘to be spoken for’ by individual customers.

Savile Row has been home to the city’s finest tailoring houses and tailors since the 19th century. Here, the suits are hand-cut and tailored to enable a superiority of fit. In simple terms, the street offers the best suit money can buy.

Come find us at Savile Row or contact us for the best shooting & country attire in the UK. Our professional tailors are waiting to take clothing orders! 

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