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Nothing conveys a sense of style and class like a well-made suit. Our bespoke approach to this makes us the premier tailor for custom suits in London. We treat all our customers in the most professional and respectful manner while working with them to produce a suit to truly amaze. From the luxurious feel of the cloth we use to the way it fits, a Fielding and Nicholson suit will not disappoint.

Whatever you need expertly crafted London custom suits for, our tailors can help. It might be that next shoot or big birthday celebration. We are sure you will find the attire to impress in our wide range. From various cloth cuts and colours to the many patterns available, a Fielding and Nicholson suit will give years of stylish service.

Our bespoke approach means that we craft our suits to fit each client individually. We will work with you to produce a custom-made suit that gives the best in sartorial elegance and sophistication. If you want to get a custom-made, top-quality suit that will be unique to you, then get in touch to find out more.

Bespoke Shirts

The class and elegance of a bespoke men’s shirt is unparalleled to the ready-made ones out there. They are carefully hand cut and tailored to suit the style and preference of a person. Their trend started in Europe around the 12th or 14th century and continues to gain more and more popularity with time. 

The freedom of customisation allows one to have a personalised choice of colour, pattern and cuff style that truly enhances your gentleman personality. And with an experienced and reliable garment-maker, the process may not take more than a week or two. Custom-tailored shirts can last without any damage for up to 10 years. 

This is even more crucial if you prefer a bespoke suit. You get a perfect fit without going through the hassle of exploring the available ready-to-wear shirt and not being satisfied with what you buy.  

Furthermore, the off-the-peg shirts may either have loose or narrowed sleeves and waist-fitting, that may not match up well with your suit’s fitting. So, if you are particular about the aptness of even the little nuances and intricacies of your garment, getting a bespoke shirt is an ideal option for you.  

Moreover, if you consider getting a voguish yet pocket-friendly bespoke shirt made, this is certainly a great option for you.  

There’s no limit to the types of fabric you can choose for your customised shirt, however these textile materials could be great options for a classy look: 

  • Denim 
  • Melange 
  • Seersucker 
  • Flannel 
  • Herringbone 
  • Dobby 
  • Pinpoint Oxford 
  • End-On-End 
  • Chambray 
  • Royal Oxford 
  • Oxford 
  • Poplin 
  • Broadcloth 
  • Twill 

Why choose our bespoke tailored shirts

Fielding & Nicholson’s bespoke shirts are well-made with the finest variety of fabric, made to adapt to your unique personality. We go the extra mile to cater your taste of a dignified and chic style statement. A business meeting, event, or a party, we are here to help you stand out with the right clothing. From the classic style to royal bespoke button-down shirts, we have taken care of the preferences of all our customers.   

We make sure to help your time and money’s worth in entrusting us with the fulfilment of your fashion needs. With our team of proficient designers, you can also get apt suggestions to come up with an impressive bespoke shirt design that is made just for you. 

We believe in serving you to the best of our ability and so all our tailored shirts have been made to give you everlasting satisfaction. Our tailors will work closely with you to produce a custom-made shirt that aligns with your idea of luxury and grace. 

Keeping up with the standards of the textile industry and in partnership with reputable textile companies such as Dormeuil, Loro Piana and Scabal. All our products come with a 5-year guarantee against wear and tear or changes in weight. 

Get your bespoke shirts from Savile Row

Bespoke tailored shirts help you flaunt your semi-formal and professional in the right way. While you choose every detail of your desired shirt, we shoulder the responsibility of accommodating it to your norms of fashion and comfort. We have a wide range of styles for all your special occasions and moods – corporate attire, cowboy style (Jackets, coats, suits, Waistcoat, Tweed breeks/trousers), casual, wedding, and formal outfits. 

With a rich history of excellent tailored suits and bespoke shirts in the UK, Savile Row street in London is known for its magnificent craftsmanship. Our approach is based on bespoke shirts of Savile Row style and are crafted by the most skilled tailors in the country. 

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