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Formal Business Attire

Professional business attire should be neat, well-ironed, and wrinkle-free. Business attire is what you wear to a professional setting. As well as office cultures, such attire is common for formal settings such as award functions, special events, and posh dinners.

Country & Shooting Attire

Outfits for country & shooting include stylish, rugged clothing, as well as complementing accessories like hats and cowboy boots. This is a type of clothing that people wear when they go hunting or to the countryside. Country & shooting outfits vary based on the formality and type of event.


There is nothing that conveys style and class like a well-made suit. We are the premier tailoring company in London for custom suits because of our bespoke approach. While working with our clients to create a suit that will truly amaze, we treat all our customers with the utmost professionalism and respect.

Smart Casual Attire

According to tradition, dress codes are formal, semi-formal, business, or black-tie. Increasingly, men wear smart casual clothing. Smart casual clothing is neat, conventional, but relatively informal. In a particular event or place, it aims to conform to a dress code. The casual smart attire for men, also known as ‘business casual,’ has become a common dress code.

Wedding and Formal attire

There are many reasons why formal wedding attire is trendy. Firstly, it’s elegant. In fact, it brings out the true gentleman in you. When choosing your wedding outfit, formal suits will take care of any confusion. The traditional black-tie outfit is no longer the only form of formal wedding attire for men. Colors other than black are acceptable! Wedding attire doesn’t have to be black.

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