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About us

About Us

Despite a highly acclaimed and award-winning career working for a premium tailoring brand, in 2006 Ian Fielding-Calcutt saw the opportunity to create something new, organic and unique. The new business would retain his core ethics of exceptional service, design and most importantly bring a ‘new luxury’ element to the tailoring world. On a chance meeting with serial entrepreneur and investor Adam Nicholson the brand was born – on top of a mountain in the Swiss Alps! After a year in the business, Ian bought Adam out to allow him to work on other projects.

The business has grown steadily over the years, in 2014 being ranked amongst the top ten tailors of London. It’s also one of the few tailoring brands with its own in-house cutter, Raymond, who has over 40 years experience in the business working with the likes of Paul Smith, Anderson & Shepard and personally for members of the British royal family. At present, the business consists of himself, Consulting Partner Alex Riley (8 years service), Senior Tailoring Consultant Harry Redin (4 years service), Operations Manager Tom Strangwige (4 years service), Head Cutting Consultant Raymond Chung, Tailor & Cutting Consultant Sein Lei Minh and Cris Zamoranos (Consultant Marketing Executive).

In the future the business aims to become the number one luxury tailoring provider in the world (based on quality and service), working with many famous faces and delivering exceptional service, without fail, to everyone it works with.

The Senior Team

We have a long-established team which can call upon over 70 years worth of experience in the industry. We do not have a revolving door of new people so you can be sure that you’re getting many times the quality of service that you would in a standard retail store or made to measure provider.

Ian Fielding-Calcutt
Ian has always had an interest in tailoring and fashion and grew up wearing 3-piece bespoke suits to college! After an award-winning career working for premium tailoring brand Tom James, he started the company from scratch in 2006. He is an exceptional measurements tailor and businessman, striving for perfection in everything he does.Working with his magnificent team, Ian’s next goal is to secure Fielding & Nicholson as the only truly global luxury tailoring brand.
Alex Riley
A 'local lad' from Huddersfield. Alex grew up with a fashion designer Mum, who cut and made her own collections. Alex has subsequently grown up surrounded by fabrics, patterns, fashion books and not to mention some questionable outfits during his childhood! He has a very good eye and an impeccable sense of style and so creates a lot of trust with his clients. He joined the team in 2011 as a tailoring consultant and rose through the ranks. He was recently promoted to Consulting Partner in 2018
Tom Strangwige
Having joined the company as a Tailoring Consultant back in 2015, Tom soon realised his strengths lay more in the organisational and operations side. After 6 months with the business he moved into operations management and the rest, as they say is history.Tom’s current duties include supporting the Tailoring Consultants, ensuring orders are placed and delivered on time and visiting clients when required to do fittings. In addition he is constantly looking at ways to streamline and develop business processes.
Raymond Chung
Raymond has spent over 40 years cutting and making suits for ladies and men. From his native Hong Kong to the UK he has a vast array of experience to call on as both an exceptional cutter and talented alterations specialist. Such is his skill level that he draws and cuts directly onto the cloth, rather than creating a paper pattern to draw around. Raymond has made suits for members of British royalty and worked on Savile Row for several tailors, in addition to cutting bespoke for Paul Smith. He also worked as a military cutter for Goldings, dressing the officers of Sandringham.

Our Locations

Here at Fielding & Nicholson we believe in developing strong partnerships to enable us to deliver the best possible service to our clients. With this in mind we have developed strong relationships with luxury brands which provide us with fixed premises for fitting and consultation purposes. 


The City Studio

Set in the heart of London’s financial district, Broadgate Tower is a beautiful part of London’s newly evolving cityscape.
Our boutique ‘Manhattan style’ studio allows our clients to choose from over 5000 different cloths whilst sipping on their favourite beverage in a relaxed environment. Clients can also pre-select a playlist of their choice to enjoy their favourite music whilst making their selections.
Our bespoke tailors cut and make garments so clients can witness this happening right in front of them. In addition to this we offer alterations to clients which can be turned around on the same day.
12th Floor, Broadgate Tower
20 Primrose Street


35 Sackville St

The house of Dormeuil was established in 1842 by then 22 year old Jules Dormeuil and has been a key cloth partner for the business for the past 10 years. Our stunning showroom on the first floor here allows clients to relax and have a drink in a calm environment, just off the iconic Savile Row.


The Risch Lounge

Grubenstrasse 45
8045 Zürich

Our flourishing partnership with Risch bespoke shoe makers allows us full use of their beautiful showroom in Uetlihof, the centre of Zurich’s financial district. 

Fielding & Nicholson’s partnership with Risch allows our clients to select cloths and be fitted in a private VIP room. Clients can then speak with Mr. Risch and be measured for their bespoke shoes or simply take a look through the vast selection of shoes on display if they so wish. 


Tailors Concept

139 Avenue du Bois
1250 Luxembourg

This modern 5 star speakeasy bar and restaurant is literally a shop window of ours with our own display of clothing throughout the building. We’ve been in partnership with Tailors Concept for over 2 years now and see clients in the confines of the downstairs ‘speakeasy’ private rooms. Once measurements and cloth is selected we’d recommend staying for a drink and sampling the food of Michelin starred chef.

Our Guarantee

our commitment to you, our valued clients

Fielding & Nicholson is committed to its clients for the long-term and also would like to exceed expectations when it comes to value and service. This is why we set up the unique 5 year guarantee, which seeks to ensure client’s clothes last as long as is possible given the day to day wear garments will be experiencing. To ensure we give you the best possible service and remain a viable and productive business we have the following stipulations:

1. Clients Only

The five year guarantee relates to those customers who should be deemed as ‘clients’, i.e. they have bought from Fielding & Nicholson within the last calendar 12 months.

2. Wear Tear

This guarantee covers general wear and tear for your garments, which includes tears to cloth, client weight changes and other related matters.

3. Relining Issues

The guarantee does not take into account relining issues, replacement collars and cuffs where the cloth is no longer in stock and replacement of entire panels such as new sleeves on a suit jacket, new trouser fork.

4. Drop-Off Only

All 5 year guarantee amendments or alterations are to be delivered to our showroom.

5. Dry Cleaning

Garments must be dry cleaned thoroughly before handing them across to be altered by your tailor.

6. Irreparable Garments

The company reserves the right to refuse to repair or replace any item deemed irreparable.

Some Of Our Favourite Testimonials...


Ian, thanks for helping us get the right fabric choice, and taking so much care on the fittings, to ensure the wedding suits fitted perfectly : We couldn't wait to get ready for the occasion, and were immensely comfortable throughout the event, including a pretty made evening - Perfect!
- Mark Moore
Ian at Fielding & Nicholson offers a great service and excellent value for money. Well worth a try.
- Dale Rhodes
Great experience getting my morning suit from these guys. I've had a chance to wear it to a few weddings, including my own. Excellently tailored.
- Munatsi Ziumbe
What a wonderful experience! Giancarlo took the utmost care in fashioning a suit that was acutely reminiscent of my interests.
- Markus Cone