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Smart Casual Attire

A dress code is a standard outfit for a given environment, such as in an office, school, or community. When you say that a place or event has a dress code, it means they’ve rules as to what type of clothing you can wear to be there.

Traditionally, a dress code would be formal, semi-formal, business, or black-tie. Today, smart casual attire for men is becoming increasingly popular. Smart casual attire is neat, conventional, yet relatively informal in style. It works to conform to a dress code in a particular event or place. Also termed as ‘business casual,’ casual smart attire for men has become a common dress code.

Now, you might be wondering about the difference between casual and smart casual dress codes for men. The casual dress may be a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. On the other hand, smart casual might mean a collared polo replacing the standard tee or denim in a darker wash.

In the simplest form, a smart casual men’s business attire can consist of tailored-fit trousers, leather shoes, oxford shirts, cotton chinos, deconstructed blazers, tailored overcoats, and overshirts. These are the clothing styles that qualify as smart casual attire for men. It’s all about pulling an appropriate look that reflects your style and sophistication while being comfortable.

At Fielding & Nicholson, we bring you custom-fit men’s smart casual work attire. As the world is shifting from traditional business attire to ‘dress for the day’ and agile working, we’ve started catering to changing needs. We take pride in our beautiful line of smart casual looks.

Get the best casual smart attire for men around.

We’ve established ourselves as a reliable and popular bespoke tailor in London. We take pride in our ability to work with the finest quality materials and fabric. In addition, we rely on top-tier resources, which enables us to guarantee superior smart casual men’s business attire that makes you look stand out in the crowd. 

We’re confident that we can provide finely tailored, versatile outfits. But, the spectrum is incredibly broad when it comes to smart casual attire for men. This means your personality plays the most important role when deciding what you’d like to wear.

Whether you want an eccentric finish or something subtle, we ensure that every outfit we work on perfectly fits your unique personality. Although Fielding & Nicholson is a premier tailor for custom suits in London, you’re the master of your own style. So, we work closely with you, paying attention to your preferences and every detail.

Results? A personalized wardrobe that you will be proud to showcase!

When to wear smart casual attire? This dress code provides a balance between formal and casual wear when you’re looking for both style and comfort. This is ideal for offices, and social events with a professional touch, such as a business conference or an after-work socializing. 

Let your style evolve

If you believe that it is time to change your style, our services shall fulfil this desire. Smart casual attire evolves, and so should your wardrobe. Yet, operating in a successful business might not leave you the time to follow all the novelties in the world of smart casual fashion for men. Therefore, you should leave it in the hands of experts, such as Fielding & Nicholson.

Our experienced tailors will help you choose the finest, most fashionable patterns and colours. After the consultations, we will skilfully craft your new outfits from the most excellent fabrics. Finally, you will receive your completely new set of clothes – polos and trousers that are truly in vogue with the current smart casual dress code.

Locally made smart casual attire for the fines London gentlemen

As London tailors, we pride ourselves in crafting all our designs here, in the centre of the UK. Your smart casual attire will be in the hands of tailors who, just like you, embrace the London lifestyle.

Your shirts, trousers, polos will be fully hand-made, by the most skilful tailors, who have spent years designing and crafting the finest outfits for the prominent men of London. Therefore, you will have a guarantee that they indeed understand your expectations and comprehend the reality that you live in. Do you want to truly show your style to the word, and stand out from the crowd of many other men in the capital? Then opt for our smart casual attire.

Smart casual attire for those who have never embraced this dress code

We are ready to service those who know what to expect, but also men who have never gone smart casual before. Our consultants will provide you with all the expertise you need, and aid you in the process of designing your first smart casual outfit. If you wish to be guided by the finest professionals, choose Fielding & Nicholson.

Why choose our tailors for bespoke smart casual work attire?

Fielding & Nicholson is located on Savile Row, a street in Mayfair, central London, popular for men’s bespoke tailoring. So, every suit we deliver to you is cut and made by hand with the utmost care and passion. So, you can rest assured knowing that you’re dealing with professionals. There are basically two different types of styles of men’s smart casual work attire, as explained below:

Formal Smart Casual

Formal smart casual is relatively formal compared to its informal counterpart. It mainly consists of a blazer or jacket, needlecord trousers, flannels, or chinos. It doesn’t consist of jeans. It can also consist of a shirt with a collar (not a t-shirt) and smart shoes (but not sandals or trainers).

Informal Smart Casual

Contrarily, informal smart casual attire for men mainly consists of smart, clean, dark-coloured jeans. In this dress code, polo shirts work better compared to collarless t-shirts.

It’s a bit difficult to define smart casual mainly because it can have a different meaning in different contexts. While the definition of informal smart casual remains unclear, you can start with a polo t-shirt and dark-shaded jeans.

At Fielding & Nicholson, we can tailor well-made smart casual men’s attire that truly amazes you. Our suits will give you a luxurious feel and make a timeless piece of clothing in your wardrobe. Choose from a wide range of styles, fabrics, and materials.

Our unique bespoke approach to tailoring means that we design our suits to fit each client individually. We work closely with you to design a custom-made suit that promises elegance and sophistication.

So, if you’re looking for custom-made, best-quality smart casual attire for men, then get in touch with us to find out more.

Smart casual do’s and don’ts

We’ve put together some simple rules of thumb to ensure you get it right every time. You will often see people making mistakes and looking and state, often without being aware of it. We’re here to help you be ‘that guy’.



Through many years of experience working with clients, we’ve picked up these nuggets to ensure you always get it right in a smart casual setting. Feel free to email us with any questions you may have.

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