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Luxury Leather Goods​

We now exclusively work with Hertieres Freres for all our luxury leather goods. Hertieres Freresuse is the highest quality leather made in Italy. The range offers everything from business card holders to luxury suit carriers.

Leather is an embodiment of class, luxury, and unicity. You’re sure to gain admiration for making a style statement with leather products. Whether on your way to work or dressing up for a special event, your leather suitcase or wallet will complement your outfit. It has represented success, opulence, and urbanity since ancient times.  

The innovative touch to its composition and design makes it an indispensable product in the modern era, a crucial part of the garment, footwear, and furnishing industries.  

Luxury Leather Goods

Luxury leather includes a wide range of accessories & goods, the most common being wallets, suitcases, notepads, apparel, and briefcases. This material’s wrinkled yet smooth feel makes it more fascinating and desirable. 

Besides its splendid appearance, this material has attained its luxury status. Owing to its excellent durability, being resistant to punctures, water, and any wear and tear. Leather’s magnificence is also set apart by its one-of-a-kind aroma. You take a whiff of genuine leather articles, and you’ll instantly recognize its distinctive fragrance. 

There are various types of leather varieties, and each has its own supremacy for manufacturing different products: 

  • Top Grain Leather 
  • Genuine Leather 
  • Suede 
  • Full Grain Leather 
  • Bridle Leather 
  • Split Grain Leather 
  • Goatskin Leather 
  • Bonded Leather 
  • Grades Of Leather 
  • Deerskin Leather 
  • Lambskin Leather 
  • Nubuck Leather 
  •  Faux Leather 

Fielding and Nicholson‘s leather goods are made of the finest Italian leather. We recognize what a sophisticated gentlemen’s appearance truly means and create the most striking variety of Italian luxury leather goods with softness and flexibility that never fades. So, if you’re looking for the finest leather goods, look no further than Fielding and Nicholson. 

Luxury Leather Business Card Holder

Your business meetings require you to give and receive visiting cards to establish the foundation of remarkable associations. So indubitably, doing business demands long-lasting impressions, and a chic leather card holder is all you need to create that mark. Moreover, it offers a safe and convenient way of keeping the cards safe. 

Our leather business card holders are designed to help you keep up your prestige and class. We offer a variety of card holders, helping you choose the one that goes well with your style and taste. Each holder is designed with a different number of compartments and slots for placing multiple cards conveniently.  

Luxury Leather Suit Carrier

A luxury suit carrier can be a great choice for both your business and personal trips. Its design makes it an embodiment of gentlemanliness and excellence. You can keep all your suits neatly without worrying about any creases and you can also carry the small suit carrier to frequent sojourns or even to the gym!

These modishly designed suit carriers that can perfectly match with formal outfits and promise an everlasting sustainability, being resistant to harsh weathers.   

Our luxury leather suit carriers offer maximum storage space and ease of transportation. There are enough inner and side pockets to help you keep small belongings safely. They are easy to refold and have detachable shoulder straps.   

Browse our catalogue of luxury leather goods.  

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