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Dormeuil Tailoring Fabric​

Dormeuil (pron. Dor-May) is a French textile company founded in 1842 by 22-year-old Jules Dormeuil.

Dormeuil began with importing English fabrics to France. By 1862 its headquarters were established at 4 rue Vivienne in Paris. The first shop outside France was located at 10 New Burlington Street in London. Dominic Dormeuil is the current President.

During its 170 years of history, Dormeuil has been producing the finest fabrics on the planet, blending timeless British elegance with a touch of French chic. With an undoubtedly reputation, Dormeuil is the choice of kings, presidents, Hollywood stars and connoisseurs from all over the world.

During the pandemic, Fielding & Nicholson was chosen as the pivotal tailor to occupy The House of Dormeuil. We are now in our second year of residence at the showroom and look forward to many more.

Claims to fame

Dormeuil is well-known for its luxurious fabrics for suiting, high-quality cashmere, silk, and merino wool. It’s one of the few brands whose history can be known from its origins to the present day.

They can be tracked down through renowned, innovative creations, starting from 1922, when the mill launched the first cloth Sportex to have a woven selvage. The cloth, designed to give warmth without restricting movement, became a must for outdoor sportspeople all over Europe.

Thanks to this fabric's sweeping success, the company expanded further, moving its headquarters to Regent Street in London’s West End, the world’s epicentre of textile retail. In more recent years, movies such as the Kingsman series used Dormeuil fabrics on their production set.


Creating Dormeuil's fabrics is considered one part art, science, and part nature. Following these pillars, Dormeuil feeds on the outstanding quality of carefully selected raw materials, expertise gained over years of tradition, and the aid of a factor crucial to innovation and improvement - modern technology.

The noble fibres harvested for Dormeuil cloths are as diverse as the rare animals they come from, sometimes so rare they are only found in the most secluded corners of the world. The production of Dormeuil fabrics hinges on technology and the ability to use the latest trends to introduce new factors to improve the performance of fabrics, keeping the wearer comfortable in different environments.

Finally, a touch of sophistication is added by the flair of the company’s design team based in Paris.

Dormeuil Suit Fabric: The Confidence of a King

Luxury, fashion, confidence – these are the traits that you associate with royalty. The clothes worn by the highest class are often breathtaking, with the finest fabrics and designs employed together to perfect the image. With Dormeuil suit fabric in the UK, it is now possible to achieve the same result with your bespoke formal attire. Fielding & Nicholson combines the luxury of Dormeuil fabrics with the excellent craftsmanship of our tailors, to create suits to which even the royalty would not say no. While wearing them, your confidence will elevate, while your looks will speak of your achievements and high status.

Dormeuil-Fabric-Made Suits in London: For Those Who Desire the Finest Attire

As a classy gentleman, you understand the importance of elegant, stylish attire. You wear only the finest suits and shirts that truly match your status. You will not agree to anything below the highest level. Dormeuil fabric is exactly for you.

The intricate patterns, the elegance, the chick, the reputation – these are the arguments why you should have a Dormeuil fabric suit in your wardrobe. Your suit is a representation of yourself, and there is no other proper portrayal of a man of high status as a garment made from the material bellowed by the kings, queens and worldwide stars – a true symbol of England.

More than a Fabric

You might expect Dormeuil to be the finest material, but it is so much more. Creating it is an art, a science, a work of nature. Often collected from rare animals, such as the Muskox, precisely turned into excellent, classy and breathable fabric, finally skillfully tailored into elegant suits – the outfits created from Dormeuil fabrics are true masterpieces, sophisticated creations, natural wonders adorning affluent, influential gentlemen and ladies just like you.

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