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Wedding and Formal attire

Formal wedding attire is trendy for many reasons. It’s fancy and classy. It brings out the true “gentleman” version inside you. Choosing formal suits takes out any confusion when it’s time to decide on your wedding attire.

Most importantly, formal wedding attire for men is no more limited to the traditional black-tie outfit. Other colors are acceptable as well! Formal wedding attire doesn’t have to be all black.

Of course, it’s good to avoid bright colors and patterns, but you can add a pop of colours with accessories like cufflinks, jewellery, and boutonnieres.

Pair your well-fitting tuxedo or suit with a clean, ironed dress shirt. A bowtie or tie definitely completes the look, as do clean leather shoes.

Let us help you make an impression that lasts.

A wedding is a grand event. You want to look and feel your best.

We have been creating stunning male formal wedding attire for decades. We understand that choosing the best groom and groomsmen’s suits can be a stressful experience. You want a perfectly fitted outfit with the right combination of style and colours.

At Fielding & Nicholson, we tailor the best wedding suits for men. Our made-to-measure format wedding suits are an impressive way to create an attire that reflects your unique personality. We craft our handmade bespoke formal attire for men using a combination of hand and machine processes. Using all of this, we can create whatever you have in your mind.

It starts with private consultation and measurements. Then, we explore the best clothing material and details for you. The result is personalised and impeccably fitted
formal wedding suit that you will love to wear on multiple occasions.

Get the precise style, colour, and cut of your choice. Your pick of buttons, clothing, pocket placement, and even embroidered names as per your wish.

We go any length to make you look like a gentleman!

Celebrate Your Special Day With a Bespoke Formal Wedding Suit

The wedding day is one of a kind – a memorable moment that you cannot recreate. Therefore, you need to make it perfect. The decorations, the music, the venue – all these aspects matter to make this experience truly remarkable, but in the end, you are in the centre.

Your suit has to be unique, elegant, stylish – excellent. At Fielding & Nicholson, we understand that, and as experienced tailors, we prepare only the most magnificent male formal wedding attire. Since our suits are bespoke, you will be sure that your garments are unlike any other. Tailored to you, since it is your special day, your formal wedding suit will become a crucial part of your memories and will be admired for years to come by anyone who sees your wedding photographs.

The Finest Formal Wedding Attire for Men

Made only from the highest quality fabrics, our tailor-made luxury wedding suit will not only stun with style but also with comfort. 

You desire to remember the day of your wedding for the rest of your life as the best day that you have ever experienced. Your comfort is a vital part of how you feel, and the suit will be an inseparable part of your wedding attire for the whole day. Therefore, it is crucial that your garments are made from highly vetted materials, letting you embrace the celebrations without suffering from even the slightest discomfort.

Embrace the Experience of Our Team

With years of experience in bespoke tailoring, we will prepare the finest formal wedding suit that you have ever dreamed of. Book a tailoring consultation and let us prepare the finest formal wedding attire for you – one that will exceed your expectations.

What makes our formal wedding attire for men different?

Fielding & Nicholson is located on Savile Row, a world-famous street in London known for traditional bespoke tailoring for men.

From the location, we bring you one of the largest ranges of formal wedding attire for grooms and groomsmen. Our made-to-measure collection includes suits, shirts, coats, waistcoats, and relevant accessories like ties and bowties.

Personalise your wedding attire by choosing from 100+ fabrics and 10+ styles!

Choose from our range of suit styles:

Dinner suits
Lightweight lamb wool tweeds
Classic style suits with a contemporary cut
Slim-fit suit
3-piece suits
Frock coats
Morning coats
And many more.

We use our proven bespoke approach to tailoring custom formal wedding attire for men means that we craft our suits to fit you individually. We will work closely with you to produce a custom-made suit that adds a unique elegance and sophistication to your personality.

Regardless of the day, time, and location of the wedding, we got you covered with our range of collections.  

Are you looking for custom-made, luxurious formal attire for men? Then get in touch to find out more about Fielding & Nicholson.

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