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Our bespoke tailors in the UK

A perfect bespoke formal suit divulges a lot about a man. What better place to get the best than in the heart of London? Fielding & Nicholson has been a pioneer in offering the best bespoke tailoring services in the UK.

With rich experience in the tailoring industry, our expert masters know the relevance of having a custom-made and personalised fit to suit each style. Clients trust us for our impeccable knowledge of cut, quality, and stature we give to gentlemen. And all these qualities make us the best Savile row tailors in the land of Kings and Queens.

Currently, we are serving in three locations in London in the name of; Fielding & Nicholson Temple, Fielding & Nicholson Mayfair & Fielding & Nicholson Manchester.

Our Temple bespoke men’s tailors’ showroom is located opposite the High Court. It offers a luxurious and elite range of clothing to cater to the fast-changing styling needs of modern men. If you need inspiration, we also have experts onboard to guide you through the latest designs and styles. Book your appointment at 217 and experience the lavish world of bespoke tailoring.

Coming to our stunning Mayfair showroom. Situated on the first floor, our showroom is the epitome of comfort and class. It is a COVID-safe space that offers face masks and hand sanitisers upon arrival. To ensure the 100% safety of the customers, our representatives also wear face masks at all times.

Our collaboration with Dormeuil, a luxury cloth merchant, has added to our offerings immensely. Schedule an appointment today and get a fabulous wardrobe makeover.

Besides these, we are also coming to Manchester to offer a deluxe tailoring experience to our old and new clients. It is scheduled to open in February 2023. However, we will keep you posted on the same.

Get top-quality service from our bespoke tailor in London

Located in the heart of Mayfair on 35 Sackville Street, London, our main bespoke tailoring London showroom has a lot to offer. Listening to your favourite playlist while examining over 5000 fabrics with drinks will be a unique bespoke tailoring experience. Be it business attire, country & shooting, shirts, smart casuals, weddings, or strictly formal attires, you name it, and our Mayfair showroom has it for you.

Our bespoke tailors will cut the garment in front of you and try to deliver you the changes that can be done on the same day. That’s not all. Besides bespoke tailored suits in London, we also roll out an exquisite range of accessories, such as cufflinks, ties, and leather goods, to complete your look.

All these services make us one of the best bespoke tailoring London that is committed to offering unique fit and style for every customer.

Refine your style with bespoke tailor-made suits at the Luxury Showroom in Temple

Our London & Temple showroom is nothing less than our main branch. Our elite craftsmanship has established us as one of the best bespoke tailors UK and sartorial connoisseurs in the industry. Our exclusive collections speak volumes about it. Here are the top collections we offer at our Temple showroom:

The Icon Range

The Icon Range offers superior fitting attires made by highly proficient tailoring consultants. This entry-level range is usually recommended for first-timers. You get to select from over 300 quality fabrics. It also offers a fused chest garment piece to hold the canvas in place, ensuring the best shape.

We offer a five-year warranty covering routine wear and tear or weight changes, which is hard to find with other bespoke tailors in London.

The Gallery Range

It is a premium made-to-measure collection. You will need to put on a try-on garment to help us understand your body shape and measurements. This handmade range offers a superior fitting experience to the clients. All the suits are made by hand with over 30 hours of distinct hand stitching.

Moreover, the intricate hand-cut methods offer a better fit and feel. HFW, Loro Piana, Scabal, and Dormeuil are some of the top fabric brands available in this range. You get to enjoy a fully floating chest piece. It seamlessly fits the chest and prevents its bubbling or sticking after multiple wears. We also offer a five-year warranty in this bespoke tailoring range.

The Elegance Range

Our crème de la crème collection offers superior fitting by our proficient tailoring consultants. It is our highest quality offering so far that is cut and hand-stitched by our master tailors. The best part about this range is that it gives more control over the attire, thanks to the in-between fitting stage.

It is great for men with a slightly difficult body shape. A five-year warranty will take care of routine wear and tear. We expect the suits to last for at least ten years.

Visit our Temple showroom today and witness the grandeur of bespoke tailor-made experiences.

Find our unique tailors in West End London

Our West End London showroom will definitely amaze you with its brilliant product range and services. In addition to the regular services, it also offers a premium range of bespoke handmade shoes. These handmade shoes UK are meant to fit your feet seamlessly and can last for 20 to 30 years.

Moreover, our range of bespoke shoes London also offers a distinct level of comfort that is hard to find in off-the-shelf shoes. It has made us one of the top bespoke shoemakers in the market. All these things make us one of the top tailors in West End London.

Get the best bespoke tailor-made experience from our London branches

Fielding & Nicholson is known to offer the best bespoke tailor-made experiences to its clients. We aim to offer a perfect blend of comfort and style to every customer of ours. Our efficient team of bespoke men’s tailors ensures seamless fit and comfort for every client. Every showroom of ours is equipped with the latest and most exclusive fabric materials.

Our partnership with the top fabric dealers helps us offer you the best in the industry. Besides having showrooms in the UK, we also have a showroom in New York and Switzerland. The showrooms boast a wide range of fabric varieties, along with sophisticated furnishings, to enable you to have a unique bespoke tailor-made experience.

Manchester Tailors

Fielding & Nicholson proudly presents the tailors in Manchester, located at the heart of the industrial revolution, with a fascinating history of textile manufacturing. The Manchester Tailors are offering a deluxe tailoring experience to all our clients. Manchester has a great textile history, and being the UK’s leading producer of cotton and textiles, we keep up the standards to bring luxury to you.

Our bespoke tailors in Manchester have a highly reputable award-winning career for a premium tailoring brand. This all started with the vision of Ian Fielding-Calcutt in 2006 and serial entrepreneur and investor Adam Nicholson. With a dream to provide a ‘new luxury’ element to the tailoring world, our brand was born on top of a mountain in the Swiss Alps!

With exceptional service, rich client satisfaction and quality tailoring need, we were ranked amongst the top ten tailors in London in 2014. We strive to offer customised and personalised fit which complements every style.

Moreover, our tailors have the professional experience to give gentlemen the finest cut, quality, and stature. In addition, we aim to provide men with the finest fabric and gentlemen’s apparel and accessories with personalised services. So, experience complete privacy, safety precautions, and a friendly atmosphere with our luxury tailoring experience at Manchester.

What to expect from our bespoke tailors in Manchester

Our tailor made suits in Manchester use the highest quality fabrics and bring finished suits that look classic and very appealing. The perfect fit, flawless stitching and premium fabrics ensure longevity and bring luxury to your collection.

We bring you to complete premium tailoring solutions, which include:

  • Complete business attire
  • Wedding and formal attire
  • Smart casual attire
  • Shirts
  • Country and shooting attire
    Premium cufflinks, ties and leather goods


We choose the highest quality materials and partner with leading fabric brands like Dormeuil, Loro Piana and Scabal, Dugdale Brothers, Huddersfield Fine Worsteds, Abraham Moon, Reda and many more.

Our carefully selected skilled merchants take custom measurements and use premium fabrics to create superior suits. Also, we believe in the complete satisfaction and offer alteration after delivery if needed.

Our handmade shirts collection boasts elegance, effort and quality. It takes 32 hours to make one shirt with the help of 26 experts and artisans. As a result, our range of apparel feels exotic with invisible stitches, superior touch, and effortless wear.

We love to extend our passion and do something for the circular economy. Therefore, we offer all our clients to give their used suits to those in need. In addition, we collaborate with various charities, including Centrepoint, to supply young people with complementary attire for interviews.

So, experience the finest luxury with Manchester Tailors! We love to create personalised, superior apparel and offer a complete solution right from the start to the delivery of the products.

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