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Great smart casual trousers that you should own

It’s easy to get stuck with your everyday go-to trousers, so here are our top 5 smart casual trousers that will spark your interest and reinvigorate your wardrobe. Khaki’s Sometimes known as chino’s, the khaki trouser is a staple that we hope you already have in your wardrobe. With its roots in the US Navy, […]

It’s time to say goodbye to working from home sloppiness

Covid has given us a free pass to wear our old sloppy clothes for the past two years when we have been working from home but now we should really be leaving that behind, let go of the sloppiness and embrace looking great. The vast majority of us are back in the office in some […]

Forecasting the future – Dress-codes in the workplace

Over the last two years the dress-code of many companies has changed dramatically, especially in places like banks and law firms. We already know that many firms previously implemented dress-down Friday for their employees. Transitioning to smart casual attire can’t have been too hard for them; albeit the ratio of smart-casual to suits has had […]

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