Top picks for best-dressed Bond villains

There are so many to choose from so here are a few of our collective top picks First up is Ernst Stravo Blofield from “On Her Majesty’s Secret service” (1969) played by Telly Savalas. His brown stand collar jacket with military inspiration and red embroidery detail is a thing of beauty, but the bald head […]

Four shoe styles you need to look at in 2023

Sometimes our shoe collection can start to look a bit worn and outdated, that might be because you are wearing them a lot such, as office shoes or that you’ve found some at the back of your wardrobe that isn’t really your style anymore. If you are in need of some new shoes this year […]

Investing in bespoke at a young age

Whether you need a suit for a special occasion such as a wedding, funeral, family gathering, or formal event, or you need one for your 1st job interview, university interview, or Apprenticeship. Owning your first suit is a big thing especially if it is bespoke, we believe it puts a young man on the path […]

Ascot dress codes and Enclosures

Ascot is a prestigious horse racing event that takes place every year, but it isn’t just a racing day, it’s a day where people showcase their style and elegance. It is known for its fashion even though it has a very strict dress code and this differs between each enclosure. There are four main enclosures […]

Our favourite movie suits

Leonardo DiCaprio’s beautiful white suit in The Great Gatsby (2013) Single breasted straight-tailored suit paired with a gold tie and waistcoats is the exact look that defines Mr. Gatsby and will forever be an iconic look, but it might not be one that is replicated very often due to it pale colour. It wouldn’t be […]

4 ways to spruce up your office wear

Sometimes all you need is a bit of a wardrobe shake-up to feel new and fresh again and that might just mean moving pieces from the back to the front so you branch out more in your looks or it might mean finding new pieces which will change your everyday style. Office attire has also […]

Investing in a new Blazer

In our youths blazers were a restriction from our schools but as we have grown we realise that they are actually rather sophisticated and a great asset to our wardrobes. It’s got the smartness of a suit but is also able to mix with more casual pieces like jeans and polo shirts. Here are a […]

Menswear trends to leave behind in 2022

Trends are always coming and going, being revitalized by different generations, but we’ve picked a few menswear trends we would be more than happy to leave behind and not see come back… Firstly the mullet, we thought this was definitely a thing of the past till covid lockdown brought this haircut back with a bang, […]

Our new team member

We would like to introduce our newest team member, Lewis Calcutt, who will be running the new Cheshire showroom and also happens to be family. Lewis is Ian’s brother in law and we are very excited to have him on board for our return to the Northwest We want to introduce him properly so we […]

Where to start when it comes to Merino wool

Merino wool is so special. It has an amazingly soft hand feel, it naturally regulates temperature whether you are on the slopes of Austria or in the boardroom in London. It s naturally odour resistant and a completely natural long-lasting fibre. And if you haven’t got some merino in your wardrobe already you are missing […]