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How to style a grandad collar shirt

A really great eye catching alternative to your basic white shirt the grandad collar can be worn formally or in a more casual look, it’s a versatile piece for your wardrobe.


Originating in the 1920s the detachable collar was invented so men’s collars could be washed and pressed separately to the shirt

It is historically seen as a very formal shirt which has become more casual over time

grandad collar shirt

Styling tips

Most fashion aficionados give the advice to always wear a shirt with a grandad collar buttoned-up to the top

Try pairing it underneath a suit or blazer for a formal look or  pair it with trousers or jeans, it also looks great layered over a T-shirt as a warm weather alternative to a jacket

Particularly perfect for the summer months due to its more relaxed fit and layering options but you could also opt for a crisp white of sky blue option which could fit perfectly into your more smart casual work wardrobe

Or an alternative to your button up shirt for weekends and evenings

grandad collar shirts

We think a granddad collar shirt is a really great piece to have in your wardrobe for everyday use as well as more formal events.

Contact one of our tailors to discuss what style would be best for you

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