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Our new partnership with Gaziano & Girling

From the 10th May we will be seeing clients in the showroom at Gaziano and Girling  where we will be able to conduct your bespoke fittings as well as showcasing their exquisite bespoke shoes, allowing you to have the experience of matching shoes to your tailored outfit.

Gaziano & Girling - fielding and nicholson

The History of Gaziano & Girling

Gaziano and Girling was founded by Tony Gaziano and Dean Girling in 2006,  after spending over 25 years working in the high end shoe market of England

“Gaziano Girling strive to find the perfect harmony between contemporary and classic shoe design. Therefore, they continuously seek to devise premium footwear for men who demand something modern yet not overly-stylised.” Gaziano & Girling

The brands story begins when Tony Gaziano first started working in the shoe industry with Cheaney shoes which was established in 1886.

Tony’s knowledge of the shoemaking process was relatively limited when he started due to him being a trained architect; Although this allowed him to naturally excel at designing and developing new visual concepts. He also developed designs for fashion brands such as Jeffrey West and Paul Smith.

Tony went on to work at Edward Green which is where he met Dean Girling who was working freelance at the time.

Gaziano & Girling - fielding and nicholson

Dean was born into shoemaking and his father owned a shoe shop in Norwich. Dean had completed the Cordwainers London shoe making course and was working for many different bespoke shoe brands across London including Lobb’s.

Tony and Dean developed their relationship as they were both of the same mind that traditional English brands were often stringently conservative. Tony wanted to experiment with English shoe designs and their contours.

Meanwhile, Dean craved to make shoes for his own brand. With their combined skills and expertise, they both realised that joining forces was the most logical step forward.

They launched Gaziano Girling together in 2006

Gaziano & Girling philosophy

Dean and Tony’s vision for Gaziano & Girling is deeply rooted in the fundamental desire to offer the utmost quality of shoe that exudes a bespoke finish and appearance.

Just like Fielding and Nicholson they aim to create the best quality piece they can which are exactly to the clients liking.

Gaziano & Girling - fielding and nicholson

A Full bespoke outfit

With this exciting new partnership we can now offer our clients full bespoke outfits in the comfort of the new Savile Row showroom.

That could be bespoke handmade shoes to match your bespoke suit in a variety of colours and styles. The shoes can be modified and additions such as monograms for an individual edge.

In the current environment we can match shoes with your latest bespoke smart casual pieces including jeans, trousers and knitwear.


Gaziano & Girling - fielding and nicholson

We would love the opportunity to welcome you to 39 Savile Row..

Book an appointment with one of our tailors for the full bespoke experience

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