The craze for knitted polo shirts

Knitted polo shirts are all the rage at the moment, although maybe not so perfect in a heatwave they are a great addition to your British and abroad summer wardrobe. With its roots being in activewear and 1920s tennis you can see its traditional style is still a great look. Its soft collar and trio […]

The future of sustainability: RWS

RWS means a voluntary standard that addresses the welfare of the sheep that our suppliers source fleeces from and the land that they graze on. The RWS helps implement best practices for farmers, making sure the sheep farms have a progressive approach to managing their land, have high animal welfare standards and ensure a chain […]

Summer accessories you should own

We’ve had a think from our own experience about the top 5 accessories we think you should own this summer, to keep you cool and looking great. A summer scarf There are definitely some bad outfits out there that include a summer scarf but the aim is to avoid the Austin powers look and go […]

Looks from Wimbledon you could wear this summer

Every year Wimbledon is a great place to get tailoring and casual wear inspiration, whether that’s from celebrities or the general public. We’ve picked 4 celebrities who we think had some amazing style at Wimbledon 2022. Andrew Garfield The English American actor has been seen multiple times over the years enjoying tennis and this year […]

Lessons to learn when dressing for the summer

There are a lot of good and bad summer outfits out there but here are a few of the lessons we’ve learnt over the years when it comes to dressing for the heat. Lightweight linens Shirts are a year in year out staple but the linen kind only comes out for the summer. Linen is […]

A Guide to men’s summer shorts

Summer can sometimes be hard to dress for, even with smart casual outfits in mind, so here is our quick guide to men’s summer shorts. How to wear them, styles and rules. You should at least have a couple of pairs of shorts in your wardrobe to start with, preferably a pair of navy and […]

Things to know about the Safari Jacket

The iconic patch pocket style that is belted, buttoned and buckled is over a century old and still going strong. Originally developed from necessity to defeat the heat in southern Africa by the troops of the British empire during the second Boer war between 1899 and 1902. Cut from cheap affordable cotton drill in a […]

Our favourite looks from Chris Evans

Best known for his roles in the Marvel Films, playing Captain America  Chris Evans has adorned many great suits. We have had a look at some of his great looks off the screen and come up with a few of  our favourite Firstly we have definitely spoken about this outfit before in maybe more than […]

5 things to remember when dressing for a heatwave

We aren’t often very prepared for a heatwave because we don’t often get them here in the UK. But when they do come here are our top 5 tips to follow, keeping you cool and stylish through the soaring temperatures. Fabrics Fabric choice is important when it comes to high temperatures and humidity, choose badly […]

Our top picks for Dinner suits 2022

Black tie is back and dinner suits are top picks for this year’s events, including weddings, functions and award shows. Now if the dress code says black tie, an easy rule to remember is that you can only wear a suit that has some form of satin on and that’s a dinner jacket or a […]