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Made To Measure Suits & Shirts​

Made to measure

At Fielding and Nicholson, we believe the perfect shirt should be tailor made specifically for you. That is why we offer the best made to measure shirts in London. 

Our customers deserve the finest quality shirts on the market. With a combination of both precision and excellent craftsmanship, Fielding and Nicholson produces made to measure shirts in London to the highest standard. Our tailors understand the importance of expertise, and it’s proven in their production of fine made to measure shirts. They are dedicated to detail, quality and superiority.

At Fielding and Nicholson, our process revolves around your unique physique, style, lifestyle and preference. We give our customers an opportunity to look great and feel better with bespoke shirts that suit every inch of their lives. Our tailors are flexible in their process, and allow for inclusions of hidden pockets or extra buttons, because they believe that these elements are what makes the garment your own. 

Our tailors are with you from start to finish, adjusting even the smallest parts of the shirt to get an absolutely seamless result. With each fitting, we assess how well the garment looks, fits, feels and moves on you. 

The tailored shirts are made from the highest quality materials to ensure your shirt is utterly timeless. Handmade to suit your particular needs and requirements, our tailors take the time to consider your requests. Made to measure shirts are exclusively tailored to your body allowing for the perfect fit, so that you can walk out feeling confident than ever before.

Never wear an ill-fitting suit again. At Fielding and Nicholson, our tailors also create flawless fitting full suits for our customers. Tailored specifically for you, our customers walk out fit with precision from head to toe. Our made to measure suits in London are incomparable. When it comes to formal suiting, our tailors are committed to your satisfaction, long after you leave our fitting room. 

Expect quality made to measure shirts and suits with the best. Our high standards matched with professional service is a recipe for suiting perfection. Know that you are in the right hands for the best made to measure shirts in London.