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Bespoke Suits & Shirts

Bespoke Suits & Shirts

Our tailors understand the needs of the modern man. The classic shirt, traditional quality with a fresh take that is suited to your particular style. A standard fitting shirt is a concept of the past. Create a timeless shirt made just for you, with Fielding and Nicholson’s bespoke tailoring. 

With a long-established team that have over 70 years of experience in the industry combined, know that you are getting the best bespoke shirts in London. Our expert tailors recognise the importance of having a custom-made suit to fit each tailored style.

The Fielding and Nicholson process revolves around your unique physique, style, lifestyle and personal preference. Our tailors dedicate their time to produce bespoke shirts for customers that suit every inch of their lives. A hidden pocket or an extra button, may not seem like much, but for the person wearing the garment it can make the biggest difference to how they look and feel. These personalised elements are what makes the shirt their own.

Our tailors pride themselves in their commitment to excellence, producing only the finest quality shirts. When it comes to creating bespoke shirts, the tailors at Fielding and Nicholson use their experience to create shirts tailored specifically for you. Our tailors take customer satisfaction very seriously, and will make even the slightest adjustments to make you 100% comfortable. Your exact measurements will be taken down and used to design that not only you look great in, but also you feel confident in. 

Fielding and Nicholson also offer bespoke suits in London. Formal suiting requires the best fit, and our tailors know the importance of this. Not only do they recognise the significance of precision, but they also know the rich history of suiting and shirting throughout London. Having knowledge of the city’s history of shirting and suits, the tailors of Fielding and Nicholson are incomparable London bespoke suit makers. 

With a comprehensive range of premium fabrics, know that you are with the best of the business with Fielding and Nicholson bespoke shirts in London. Handmade craftsmanship that makes sure each bespoke shirt is styled uniquely to your personality and individual style. 

Don’t settle for anything less than excellent. Expect superior fabrics, personalised style and most importantly, complete comfort when you wear our bespoke shirts made specifically for you. 

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