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A Guide on How to Measure Men for Suits

A Guide on How to Measure Men for Suits

Whether it’s a tuxedo, a shawl chapel, or any other style, it looks good only if it fits you well, which makes it important to know how to measure men for suits. Wrong measurements can sabotage your look and personality. Keeping this in mind, we’ve created this guide to help you capture the right men’s suit measurements. Below, we’ve explained how to take measurements for a men’s suit, step by step:


Put on a shirt that fits well. Pop the collar and measure from point to point across both shoulders. Take measurements from where shoulder and arm seams meet one side, over the back below the collar, to another side. This shows full shoulder width.

Sleeve Length

Start from the point of the shoulder to your wrist. The other point should stop precisely at the edge of your cuffs.


This looks bad if you have a constant constriction across your biceps. So, for taking measurements for men’s suits at this point, you should stand neutral and relaxed. Now, bend your arm gently up to 90 degrees. Relax your fist; otherwise, this won’t allow you proper bicep flexion. Make the snug measurement while allowing for one finger’s room under your measuring tape.


This is the point where your hand and wrist meet. If you have a bump on your wrist, make sure you measure it. You can ask someone to stick one finger under the tape and then take the measurement.


Chest size measure is critical for made-to-measure suits for men or readymade clothing. So, double-check it! Level your shoulders and distribute your body weight on your feet. Don’t hold your breath and stand relaxed. Use the finger trick again.


Where do you want your shirt’s collar to sit when buttoned? Right below your Adam’s apple! So, that’s the next measurement. Again, ask someone to stick a finger between you and the tape. Stand neutrally with your shoulders back and weight equal on both feet and look straight ahead.


Next, move under the ribcage still in the straight, neural and relaxed position. Please note that it’s the point right at your ribs’ base. Not your waist nor your stomach! Remember to breathe naturally and stay comfortable.

Why getting made to measure suits in the UK is a good idea.

Certain men’s suits are nearly impossible to remedy, especially when they have been designed poorly. With buttons about to pop and broad shoulders making it look as if the suit you’re wearing is fitted for someone entirely else. You want to make an impression when meeting people and what better way of doing so than going out to a business, that offers custom-fit suiting for men, and getting a sensibly fashioned tailored suit.

A man’s suit should be bespoke as well as breathable. When considering to get a made-to-measure suit, take into account the fabric used when getting your suit tailored, as different fabrics are better suited for different seasons as well as having a different feel to them. This could be the “make or break” aspect of any suit as it can determine whether your suit will be comfortable as well as outstanding.

Getting a made-to-measure suit is important, if not vital to look good at any event. If you’re looking for made-to-measure suits for men in the UK, consider going to professional tailors based in London’s Savile Row, as they have a long history with making luxury suits. You’ll find excellent tailoring work that’ll exceed your expectations and make you feel as if you’re in the spotlight during any event.

We hope that our guide will help you get started, whether you want to buy readymade suits or a made-to-measure suit for men.