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Why every man should own a tailored suit

Every man feels great wearing a suit, so why not own a suit that is a reflection of your personality and style? One way to achieve this is by purchasing your very own tailored suit, but what are the main benefits of owning a tailored suit of your own?

Impeccable fit

It’s very unlikely that a ready-to-wear suit will fit you perfectly, which is where a tailored fit suit will differ. As your measurements will be taken beforehand, the suit will be cut and fitted to your size in all areas, meaning it will take into account any specific dimensions that will need your suit to be adjusted for.

Often the tailor will continue to complete the suit until it perfectly fits you, which although may require you to attend their workshop multiple times, will result in a suit that will fit your exact measurements.

Styled around you

You also get to choose the style of the suit, meaning it can be personalised towards your personal pattern preferences and colours. You may have the opportunity to select the fabric that you would like to use, with just a few of the most notable fabrics include wool, cotton, linen, and silk.

This also extends to the alteration of many aspects of the suit, where several features can be changed to your individual personalisation. For instance, you can alternate the lapel width, number of buttons, quantity of vents and whether or not you would like a cuff on your trousers.

A considerable amount of final touches can also be completed so that it’s further tailored towards you. Whether it’s your initials inside the jacket or a different choice of colour in the jacket lining, the final touches are often what makes the suit tailored.


As mentioned previously, some of the very best fabrics are used for tailor-made suits, which can further promote the overall quality of the suit. Likewise, due to the nature of traditional tailoring, the suits are hand-crafted, which differentiates compared to ready-to-wear suits which are machine-made. Not only does this contribute to the perfect fit, but the hand-fitting will mean that all seams and joints will be sown together with the best results guaranteed.

Motivates you

As tailored suits are measured suits, they are designed around your size and individual measurements, meaning it’s vital that you remain in great shape for your suit. Of course, most tailoring services will be able to carry out minor alterations to assist, most tailored suits are created to exact measurements without changes, which may be a reason why you focus on your health and fitness levels.

Saves money

Although a tailor-made suit can be a large upfront expense, they are designed to last a life-time, which will result in a significant amount of money being saved. This is because you will no longer need to lease a suit for a single event, as your tailored suit would have been designed specifically.

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