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Dressing like a menswear icon

Dressing like a menswear icon involves embracing classic and timeless fashion choices while adding your own unique touch. This is your short guide on how to achieve this. Find your style The first step is to find a menswear style icon you can relate to, someone who already has elements of your own style and […]

The appeal of a Trench coat

In the ever-evolving world of men’s fashion, trends come and go but the humble trench coat has been a staple in our wardrobes. It’s an essential that has captivated many of our hearts with its timeless appeal, versatility, and pure sophistication. Rooted in military history the trench coats were originally designed for British soldiers in […]

Casual blazers that are perfect for your smart casual events

When it comes to dressing for smart causal events you can’t get a better piece to have in your arsenal than a bespoke casual blazer. It bridges all the gaps you might struggle with when it comes to the dreaded “Smart Casual” dress code. Here is our guide on choosing the perfect casual blazer for […]

Transitional knitwear pieces for the coming months

As Autumn and winter fully take hold and the air starts to get chilly it’s time to make sure you have the right transitional knitwear pieces to hand. These pieces are versatile, timeless and every stylish man should own them. Roll neck The roll neck isn’t for everyone but we feel once you’ve tried one […]

Could you pull off terry cloth casual wear?

If you haven’t noticed yet there has been a huge influx of Terry cloth garments showing up in the Menswear world over the last few summer seasons. Originating in 19th century France the word Terry comes from the French verb ‘tirer’ meaning pull which references the structure and weave of the cloth. Which is pulling […]

A guide to the best ties on the market

A menswear accessory that holds the power to transform an entire outfit is the humble tie. It’s a symbolic representation of sophistication and style that has stood the test of time over years of sartorial excellence. Classic silk When you think of a tie your mind generally pulls you to a silk tie, renowned for […]

The ever-elegant style of Bill Nighy

The acclaimed British actor is not only renowned for his captivating performance on the screen and stage but also just as he walks down the street in our great city of London in a well-thought-out sleek outfit. Tailoring is one of his key go-to style inspirations he generally pecs outfits together around tailored pieces such […]

Stay warm and Stylish: Essential winter casual pieces

As the days grow shorter and the temperature and weather drops in the UK it’s time to bid farewell to your summer pieces. Prepare for cosy chilly days with key pieces that will keep you looking smart and warm, it’s time to invest in your winter casual pieces as well as seasonal staples. The timeless […]

Tuxedo inspiration for your black tie events

If there is one piece of menswear that embodies elegance and sophistication it has to be the Tuxedo. Whether you are attending a black-tie event, lavish wedding or glamourous Gala the tuxedo allows you to be the sartorial knight in shining armour. Hollywood glamour Bring a bit of the essence of old Hollywood glamour, the […]

How to Wear a Cream Jacket?

It may be a bit out there for some and a cream jacket can be a hard task to wear, but here are our tips on how to pull it off with style The way to think of a cream jacket is to believe that it is more useful than you might at first think. […]

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