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Tailoring to Perfection: The Resurgence of Bespoke Fashion in 2023

"Celebrities showcasing oversized suits trend at a red carpet event

As we reflect on 2023, it’s clear that the clothing world has witnessed a remarkable revival – a return to the roots of bespoke fashion. This resurgence is not just a nod to the past; it’s a renaissance, a celebration of the timeless elegance and personal touch that bespoke tailoring brings to men’s fashion.    […]

A Basic Guide to Scottish tailoring – Kilts

Scottish tailoring is easily recognisable with the styles heaped in tradition, if you want to know more here is our basic guide to this wonderful and historic style. The oldest wearer of Kilts were the Highlanders dating back to the 16th century, it was adopted by the nobility and became a uniform in support of […]

A man’s guide to cocktail attire dress-code

One of the most open to debate dress codes for men has got to be cocktail attire. The issue is that it is a very loose definition that leaves you in the dark about how formal or informal you go. We have decided that Cocktail has more scope than black-tie, but is more sophisticated than […]

A modern-day power move – The pinstripe suit

You may think a pin-stripe suit can look a bit dated but we think it’s a modern-day power move. It makes people do a double-take, not for a bad reason, but because it demands attention to the bold or chalky precise vertical lines. Pinstripe suits have a long-standing history in business with their roots in […]

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