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Why Is Bespoke Tailoring So Popular?

Mens fashion is one of the most prestigious industries in the world, with every man looking to improve their wardrobe with the latest fashion trend or outfit. That being said, there is one set of attire that never goes out of fashion, a well-made suit.

Many men simply purchase a ready-to-wear suit off-the-rack, but nothing shows your dedication to fashion than a bespoke suit. So that you can too recognise the popularity of bespoke tailoring, we have created this guide which provides you with a background and an overall better understanding of bespoke tailoring.

What is bespoke tailoring?

The true definition of ‘bespoke’ means made exclusively for a particular customer or client, and in terms of tailoring, it’s when a suit has been custom designed around your own preferences and size. The other main difference is the fact that suit is all hand-cut from a paper pattern, where it’s likely you will also be well-informed throughout the entire creation of the suit.

Made to measure

The primary aim of bespoke suits is to create a suit that is well-adjusted to your exact measurements whilst still providing ease and comfort. Primary areas that will be focused on include the neck area, length of the sleeves and the amount of additional body length. Overall, there should be at least 15 measurements should be taken to guarantee the very best result.


What really makes bespoke tailoring standout is your ability to chose the fabrics, cloths, patterns and many other aspects of your design. Every tailor will have their own selection on offer, so it’s vital that you take a look at the full of patterns available. Alternatively, if you already have a design in mind, it’s always worth mentioning or presenting your idea to your tailor, as they are likely to have a similar or identical pattern available.


When it comes to the fitting of a bespoke and made to measure suit, it’s likely that a basted fitting will be carried out first to temporarily stitch together the suit. This will allow you to try the suit on for the first time to double-check the measurements before any final stitching is completed. The overall time length for this process can take up to 12 weeks, sometimes longer, which is to guarantee the very best slim fit suit possible.

Longer lasting

Not just because of the fabrics used, but also due to the overall quality of the creation of the suit. During the fitting process particularly, specialist techniques will be carried out including seams, gussets and baste fittings which will enable the preservation of the suit and pro-long its overall life span. Any minor issues or adjustments can easily be dealt with by a skilled tailor, compared to a ready-made suit which will be impracticable to restore.

Fielding & Nicholson

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