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Your Wedding Suit is not Complete without the following


Black, leather lace ups are the classic good wedding shoe – leather soles making sure that your look says quality and sophistication. Black works with everything.

For a less traditional style we recommend a dark brown. Perfect with a navy, a tweed or wool suit.

Use your shoe choice to reflect your personality, have a look at Oxford, Brogues and Derby shoes.


Sock colour may sound trivial but making the effort will bring a new level detail to your outfit, as well as a flash of your personality.

Black is still the go to colour, but use your choice in socks to make a statement.

Match your wedding theme – orange flowers, orange tie and orange socks perhaps or coordinate the groomsmen’s socks which looks great in wedding photos.

Pocket square or boutonniere

Sophisticated and very traditional parts of the grooms wedding outfit we recommend wearing both.

Another chance to add personality to your look and stand out as the groom, as well as matching to your colour scheme. The pocket square is widely used in gentleman’s attire but these formal occasions are the chance to enjoy a boutonniere.


Traditional or bow tie? Another chance to work your theme will really pay off in wedding photographs. Plain colour, bold choices or extravagant style, the tie may be a small item but it is the accessory which will make your outfit sing. Great fun for your groomsmen as well.

Belt and Braces

A bespoke suit from us means no need to wear a belt. Your trousers will fit you perfectly.

Braces could be worn over a plain shirt for a rustic style look or keep the colour theme going and match the colour of your braces to your tie and your other accessories.


The accessory that completes a wedding look is definitely the cufflinks. Choose a decorative style that speaks to you. Not only a memento of your special day, they’re something which you can use again, as well as passing them down to the next generation.

Remember we are here to help, not just by making you the perfect suit for your wedding day. We can also help with styling and accessories, just ask.

Contact us now to take a look at our options in the comfort of our luxury Dormeuil showroom.

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