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Best menswear style icons of the 20th century

There is a huge list of great menswear style icons from the 20th century that we could choose from but we have narrowed it down between us to these top five.

Robert Redford

To start with we have chosen Robert Redford the recognisable American actor who has graced our screens since the 60s.

Throughout his career, he has been known for his sartorial excellence and being an effortlessly refined gentleman. His wardrobe blend of sophistication and simplicity has been inspirational. He was often spotted off the screen in a beautifully tailored suit, crisp white shirt and polished loafers, he has a knack for combining neutral colours and subtle patterns into stunning elegance. To channel his style we would recommend investing in a well-fitted suit and crips line styling.

Miles Davis

The American jazz musician Miles Davis is renowned for his influence over 20th century music as well as using his creativity to make sure he always looked exceptionally stylish.

He had signature round glasses which he paired with tailored suits and had a knack for pairing textures and patterns together. His style embodied a sense of jazz-infused cool.

He merged pieces together and loved statement coats, colourful scarves and exceptional headgear.

The inspiration we take from him is to mix and match, experiment with colours and patterns.

Clint Eastwood

Best known for his roles in Western inspired film and TV Clint Eastwood is a rugged individualist. He is often spotted in denim, cowboy boots and a well-worn hat which is very on-character for him, he gives us great casual weekend wear inspiration.

His style resonates with men who want a straightforward and functional approach to dressing: Jeans, boots, simple T-shirts and overshirts a great look inspired by Eastwood.

Elvis Presley

The king of rock was not just revolutionary in the music industry but he also left an incredible mark on men’s fashion for generations to come. His daring fashion choices range from flamboyant jumpsuits to rebellious leather looks. His command over his outfits translated well to his stage presence and charismatic charms.

Incorporating his more flamboyant looks into your wardrobe might be a bit of a push but you could pay homage through leather jackets and other more generic pieces such as accessories.

Marvin Gaye

Finally, we have the smooth and suave style of the music legend Marvin Gaye. His fashion sense is characterised by tailored suits, turtlenecks and effortlessly cool outerwear.  He had seamless transitions from sharp formalwear to laid-back looks with an air of sophistication.

His inspiration led us to beautiful tailored jackets, turtlenecks and versatile outerwear pieces that are elegant and timeless.

Let us know who you might have added to this list.

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