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The perfect suits for a summer wedding guest

The 1st step in finding a suit for a wedding is to find out if they have a dress code, then do a bit of research into said dress code and find something within it that would suit your style. Dress codes make it easier because you have guidelines, when people don’t have one you […]

It’s time to say goodbye to working from home sloppiness

Covid has given us a free pass to wear our old sloppy clothes for the past two years when we have been working from home but now we should really be leaving that behind, let go of the sloppiness and embrace looking great. The vast majority of us are back in the office in some […]

The wonders of pleated trousers

We have always been an advocate for pleated trousers. They look great, whether that’s on their own, with a T-shirt or as part of a suit. The elegant design of such a simple fold of fabric is flattering but also adds a layer of interest to the design of the trousers. Although pleated trousers might […]

Some great puffer jackets that will see you through the winter

The often derided puffer jacket is not only stylish but incredibly functional, keeping you warm and dry in the cold Winter. And the feeling of a warm coat in the cold freezing winter cannot be rivalled. The puffer coat is a piece of outerwear filled with insulation and is stitched with a baffle construction. The […]

The impeccable style of Tom Holland

Most well-known for his role as Spiderman in the Marvel cinematic universe Tom holland is a young British actor making his mark on Hollywood. The British public might also recognise him as the young Billy Elliot on stage. He is a multi-talented actor with his previous training in dance he does many of his own […]

The House of Dormeuil – Amadeus 365, Krono and The British Collection

Dormeuil is a historic cloth house established in 1842, it has a huge range of qualities, weights, weaves and colours. This month we’ve collaborated with Dormeuil to bring you complimentary extra trousers on these three firm favourites. The British collection The British collection is made up of cloth specifically designed and developed for winter weather, […]

Suit and trainers – The new way to style the suit

With some suits becoming a thing of the past, wearing a great pair of trainers with the right suit can make it feel much younger and add a modern twist on the old classic. Here are a few tips on how to pair trainers with your suit. The right pair With pairing any shoe to […]

Flannel – Five reasons we are recommending it this Winter

The perfect choice for dressing down your suit to a more smart casual look is to select flannel as your cloth option. A soft woven fabric made from worsted wool or worsted yarn flannel, it gets its characteristics depending upon whether it has been brushed to create extra softness or left un-brushed. Most men normally […]

Cashmere knitwear – Why you should invest

Have you thought about investing in cashmere knitwear? One of the most luxurious yarns available with some amazing natural properties such as insulation and its incredible softness against the skin. As we start to feel colder these versatile pieces aren’t just useful for keeping you snug in the depth of Winter. They are also great […]

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