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Things to know about the Safari Jacket

The iconic patch pocket style that is belted, buttoned and buckled is over a century old and still going strong. Originally developed from necessity to defeat the heat in southern Africa by the troops of the British empire during the second Boer war between 1899 and 1902. Cut from cheap affordable cotton drill in a […]

The wonders of pleated trousers

We have always been an advocate for pleated trousers. They look great, whether that’s on their own, with a T-shirt or as part of a suit. The elegant design of such a simple fold of fabric is flattering but also adds a layer of interest to the design of the trousers. Although pleated trousers might […]

Ever thought about a Velvet suit or jacket?

Not only do they make you look great with impeccable style, they elicit an air of sophistication. There is a huge array of luxury velvet fabrics in beautiful colours waiting for you to choose from. Although velvet is often associated with certain seasons and trends such as black tie dress codes, we think it’s well […]

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