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Yes or No for sweater vests?

You may have sworn never to wear them again in your youth but the Sweater vest has made a big comeback and we are all for it.

People like Harry Styles have rocked it and designers such as Gucci, Margaret Howell and Lanvin are adding it to their AW collections.

There are also hundreds of shapes, styles and colours to choose from so there will always be something to your taste.

Here are a few of our favourite looks that you could adopt into your own wardrobe.

The plain on plain

A great way of adding texture and depth to your look without main a stand-out piece is to do a t-shirt or shirt underneath and layering it with a plain  chunky knit vest (often the same colour tone)

Bright and bold

Maybe go in the opposite direction and go for a plain shirt underneath but with a bright and bold patterned vest and make it the focal point of the outfit.

Geek chic

You could go full retro geek style which w are actually really into right now and have a shirt and tie with the vest layered on top and tucked in or out of a pair of tailored trousers

With the suit

We speak a lot about layering and winter suits when it comes to this time of year and a sweater vest is a great way to do this, swap out your crew neck or v-neck for a sweater vest under your suit and it does the exact same job. Except when you remove your jacket you’ve got something a bit more interesting

Let us know if you are a yay or nay for the sweater vests return.

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