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Winter warmers – Our favourite looks

Woollen overcoats

The classic woollen overcoat is the perfect choice for any well-dressed man; from those with a traditional style to individuals with a more modern ‘street’ look.

The minimal detail, great shape and length give the wearer a great silhouette, as well as an air of sophistication and authority.

The tailored bespoke overcoat enables the wearer to customise length, detailing and choose from an array of cloth choices. These include cashmere, a personal favourite of ours due to its softness and elegant drape.


Being prepared for the cold that the British weather can bring in the winter can sometimes be a hard task. For us the best answer is layering your knitwear.

Whether it’s thin knit like a cashmere crew neck which you layer under your suit or blazer, to give you an extra bit of warmth and protection from the weather.  Or a chunky knit that you make the feature of your outfit, layered with a jacket and T-shirt.  Knitwear is going to be your best friend through the cold damp months.

It’s also always worth looking at what the knit is made from. Try to opt for 100% natural fibres such as lamb’s wool, cashmere and merino, as these will keep you warmer than synthetics.


Although maybe not your first thought when considering winter outfits, a hat can really elevate a look (not to mention being super functional!).

Instead of the normal bobble hat that comes to mind when thinking about winter hats, have a look at fisherman’s beanies and docker caps. Both are available in a wide variety of styles, depths, thicknesses and colours for all occasions.

Down jackets

Also known as the ‘puffer jacket’, down jackets are functionally designed to keep you super warm and dry through the winter months. The natural fibre that is down (duck or goose feather) is a natural insulator whilst the scientifically designed fibres of the outer fabric repels water incredibly well.

There are so many styles and colours available for this kind of garment on the market as well as options on different price ranges.

Down jackets are also the type of piece in your wardrobe that can be brought out year after year due to their classic style.


When summer comes to an end and you put away your summer casual wardrobe such as polo shirts, T-shirts and shorts, it’s time to bring out your flannels.

Flannel shirts are the perfect winter ‘go to’ shirt; they are warm and comfortable and can be paired with jeans, cotton trouser, chinos as well as being used as a layering piece. Every man should own at least one.

Classic three-piece

As the weather gets colder it’s time to store those linen and light cotton suits away until next year and bring out your trusted three-piece woollen suits.

The woollen fabric is perfectly designed to keep you warm as well as ventilate any excess heat.

Adding that third piece, the waistcoat, to your suit also allows for some layering giving you an extra level of warmth.

If you want to talk through what you could add to your winter wardrobe get in contact with one of our tailoring consultants.

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