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Winter shoes that are a must

Getting a new winter shoe can be daunting and most people opt for a winter boot but these are easy and get all of the attention so let’s talk about winter shoes instead.

There are trainers and shoes out there designed for the colder months with extra insulation, waterproof or technically designed for the slip and slide that is snow and ice.

Here are a few things to look for:


Not all shoes are waterproof and definitely not all winter shoes are waterproof, some people prefer them not to be as they can get hot and aren’t breathable. But if you live in the UK and with all the wet weather we have it’s an excellent quality to have in a good shoe.


Now, this completely depends on what type of shoes you buy, if you are buying smart shoes to go with your suit then they are often leather and you might need to get your toes warmer using a good quality pair of socks.

But it is becoming increasingly more common to have a fleecy lining in more casual shoes such as trainers and loafers and this is a great way of keeping your feet warm.

Good grip

Now we do love a smooth leather bottom brogue but they really won’t help you when it comes to a frozen morning in December, you will just slip and slide.

Try and look for shoes with a bit more tread on the bottom which will help you stay upright.


Try and buy good quality shoes that will last you and beat the elements through winter.

When actually recommending shoes to you it’s very hard because shoes are such a personal style item, it’s almost like you either love it or hate it.

But if you want something designed just for you why don’t you speak to our friends at Gaziano & Girling and get yourself a bespoke pair?

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