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Will we still wear a tie post Covid?

With everyone working from home at the moment is it possible that when we do go back to the office/workplace that the dress code will be more ‘smart casual’?

Maybe the tie won’t last that change?

Smart casual office

Many offices and workplaces before Covid were already on a smart casual dress code.   Other sectors such as finance and law have always held on to suits and ties.

But now, with some employers thinking about four-day weeks, video meetings a daily occurrence and getting back full time to the office still seeming far away, maybe a smart casual wardrobe would serve these new situations better?

Which demotes the tie to special occasions only.

Formal events and special occasions

We do like tradition and there is nothing more traditional than a beautiful well-made three-piece suit with a shirt and tie, especially for weddings, funerals and large-scale events.

The tie might be dying out in other areas of our lives, but we doubt that it will leave these kinds of situations.  There are just the times when we want to look and feel good and a suit and tie does just that.

We will have to wait and see

We can speculate what our work life will be after Covid but it’s going to be some time before we know for sure.

If you haven’t been in an office for a year, you might crave the work wardrobe of a suit and tie.  Or we might remove the tie from our work wardrobe all together.

What do you think the future of the tie looks like? 

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