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Why you should invest in your wardrobes basics

We all need plain white T-shirts and  basic crew necks in our wardrobe, but we often neglect them. Have a read about why investing in your basics is a good idea.

With increasing awareness about sustainability and throw away fashion the trusty three pack of white, grey and black T-shirts just aren’t going to cut it anymore.  Instead of getting something that will fade and stain yellow after a while, why not invest in something that will last and last.

The other reason is great T-shirts are hard to come by and once you’ve found one you like just invest in that.

The market for quality basics including T-shirts, sweatshirt, underwear and socks has been ignored for so long but people are starting to take notice of their base layers and where they come from.

British brands like Sunspel are a great place to look for basics. Including T-shirts, underwear, vests, knitwear and socks. The price tag maybe a bit more than you were previously paying but think about how long these pieces are going to last you, as well as how high the quality is compared to your previous basics.

The trends and styles at the moment are often about showing off a base layer so make sure your T-shirt is as good as the overshirt that it’s layered with.

If you get good basics and take care of them they can last you a lifetime, so what is there to think about?, next time you need some new boxers or white T-shirts think about putting those extra penny’s in to get you something that you might not have to replace and will bring another element of quality and style to your outfits.

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