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Why the scarf is not an accessory to shy away from

The humble scarf might not be your instant thought when thinking out summer accessories to compliment your outfits, but it’s definitely something that shouldn’t be overlooked.

 You may think that scarfs are for keeping your neck warm and are only for winter but a light weight scarf can actually be really useful in the heat.

As long as you pick your fabric wisely and aim for lightweight materials such as linen and cotton you shouldn’t over heat.

The humble summer scarf is the perfect accessory for shielding your neck from the sun, add depth to your outfit to make it look well thought through and keeps you cool by providing shade and pulling moisture away from your skin.

Have we convinced you yet?  

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Why buy a summer scarf?

Summer in our opinion is the easiest to dress for, you can go for shorts, shirt and trainers and look great. Although it is easy to dress for, it can also become quite boring and basic.

This is where the scarf comes in, it instantly adds another layer to your outfit, makes it look well thought through and lets people know you have style. It’s like a finishing touch.  


As we have already said light weight fabric are the perfect choice for a summer scarf, including linen and a light cotton. The loose weave and low thread count make the fabric breathable allowing for heat to easily escape, keeping you cool.

You could also opt for blends such as linen-silk and linen-cashmere.

mens scarfs 
mens fashion
summer scarfs

How to wear it

There is a big difference from wrapping your winter scarf around you for warmth and using a summer scarf as an accessory. You should drape, tie, wrap around loosely once or wear your summer scarf as a cravat for the best looks.

Talk to one of our tailoring consultants about adding a bespoke summer scarf to your wardrobe.

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