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Why go for luxury loungewear?

As a nation we are probably wearing loungewear more than ever before.

Comfort is the best option for these lockdowns and luxury loungewear is top tier comfort

Cashmere hoodies and trousers

There are plenty of different options for luxury loungewear including, cotton, jersey, and sweat but the best choice you can make when investing, is to go for cashmere!

It’s luxurious, soft on your skin, extremally comfortable and easy to wear.

A pair of cashmere trousers also don’t have to be just loungewear.  They can be smart enough to wear out when nipping to the shops or post office.  

Cashmere hoodies are the epitome of luxury.  We all need the feeling of being hugged by something so soft during lockdown.

We really think cashmere loungewear is worth the investment. You may never go back to boring sweatpants again!

Best for your skin

Cashmere fibres are far finer than wool and are spun much more tightly to produce a smooth, soft texture which gives a great feeling of the fabric against your skin – perfect for loungewear where comfort is paramount.

Unlink synthetic fibre which are not breathable and can leave you feeling hot and sweaty, cashmere allows the body to breath which helps regulates temperature.

Cashmere is also hypoallergenic which means it is ideal for anyone with allergies and very sensitive skin.

Still look well put together

The best thing about cashmere loungewear is that it still looks stylish.

The quality of what you are wearing is obvious and it’s clear that you have put effort into your clothes.  The wrinkle – resistant finish also means you’ll never look like you’ve just been laying on your sofa.

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