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Once reserved for wealthy businessmen, buying a bespoke suit is now a very modern experience. Work and casual wear have combined creating a necessity for suits to take on a multipurpose role. At Fielding & Nicholson, we believe that wearing a suit should be a comfortable and unique experience, no matter whether it’s for work or a formal occasion, such as a wedding.

Previously you may have bought ‘off the peg’ and been disappointed that your suit just didn’t cut it for one of several reasons. Sizing in men’s clothes stores is not regulated, so may differ from shop to shop, meaning you’re not guaranteed to find the perfect fit for your individual shape or size. Also, if you’re buying for a special occasion and make a purchase without taking accurate measurements, you may end up with an ill-fitting suit which ruins your experience of the day.

Equally, the quality may not be up to scratch with dropped stitches and flimsy cloth with no durability or longevity of fabric wear common issues with these types of suits. You may not find the style, cut, or even the colour you’d like to wear to suit your individual tastes and end up wearing the same as others.

When you choose a bespoke suit, you’ll be guaranteed the highest quality garments for your occasion. An exclusive personal customer service experience is offered, where you can pick the fabrics in person to achieve the right look. Plus your measurements will be taken over several fittings to guarantee the correct fit. All Fielding & Nicholson garments are made with the highest quality cloth, combining both durability and luxury to create a VIP experience and the best suit for your needs.

Coupled with a friendly service, our highly skilled Master Cutter will use his years of experience to create a handmade garment, unique to your personal specifications. Choosing bespoke means every detail of your suit is carefully considered, custom made and tailored to your own style, from the fabric of the suit itself right down to the details of buttons, stitching, lining and accessories. Choosing bespoke is an opportunity for your personal style and flair to show through via your very own custom clothing, for example combining both contemporary and classic design.

Initially choosing a bespoke suit may seem daunting but is a true investment as the craftsmanship and high quality provides a luxury fit and feel guaranteed to last for many years.

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