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Why black tie will never die

Although there might be a decline in the everyday day business suit,  here are some reasons why black tie will never die

Wedding dress code

Although some people are scaling down their wedding’s since the pandemic, others are looking forward to throwing a massive party with all their friends and family.

Weddings are one of the best excuses for a black-tie dress code for many reasons: Firstly everyone looks formal and uniform in the wedding photos, secondly, everyone loves to dress to the nines once in a while and the best reason is that your guests don’t have to stress about dress code because black tie has well-known rules, unlike tricky smart casual.  

Corporate/Formal events

Most corporate and formal events will stick with their black-tie dress code as it is traditional and people generally want to dress professionally for professional situations and black tie is just a really easy way of doing this.

Classic and sleek backup plan

Black tie will never die because it’s just so useful having a smart sleek black suit in your wardrobe so when you don’t know what you should wear to a certain event it’s your backup plan.

Although you might not wear it with all the bells and whistles such as bow tie and cummerbund, it’s still an extremely useful suit to own. You could even just wear your suit trousers with a crisp shirt.

We just love dressing up

One of the best reasons that black tie will never die is that we just love dressing up and we don’t get to do it very often, especially over the last two years. We aren’t even wearing out business suits as much and most office dress codes have become more relaxed.

So any excuse to pull out all the stops is more than welcome.

Have you got any black tie events coming up and are looking for a bespoke suit? Contact one of our tailoring consultants and they can help find something just right for you.

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