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Where to start when it comes to Merino wool

Merino wool is so special. It has an amazingly soft hand feel, it naturally regulates temperature whether you are on the slopes of Austria or in the boardroom in London. It s naturally odour resistant and a completely natural long-lasting fibre.

And if you haven’t got some merino in your wardrobe already you are missing out

Merino wool comes specifically from merino sheep which originally bread in Spain but today you know find them in Australia, New Zealand, parts of south America and Europe.

Merino wool is identifiable by its tightly coiled fibres which when knitted into clothing means you have a breathable fabric which stretches beautiful but has fewer wrinkles.

This is why Merino wool is a premium fabric across the fashion industry.

But remember your garment doesn’t have to be 100% merino to get the natural benefits that come along with the fibres. So don’t shy away from blends such as cotton/merino, cashmere/merino and others. Sometime the other yarn type can bring other great attributes to the garment.

When looking to add some merino pieces into your wardrobe our advice is to start with a  your basic shapes such a s a crew neck or v neck jumper, you could then look a roll necks and knitted polo shirts.

Then it could be time to invest in a merino suit or blazer!

One tip to remember is that moths love natural wool especially merino ,so when you do put it in your wardrobe store it well and do some research on how to keep those moths out of your beautiful clothes.

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