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What you should be wearing for spring

When it comes to spring clothes it’s better to stick to good layering pieces than go full summer or winter wardrobe because you just don’t know what the weather is going to be like.

With shirts in mind, it’s a great idea to switch up your fabrics, put the flannel and thick items away and opt for cotton, linens, silks or fine knits. Think about oxford cloth button-downs, light polo shirts and lightweight shirts. Although some of these might feel too summery for spring, they are great to have under a light knit pullover or slightly heavier weight overshirt. Spring is definitely for layering, especially in the UK.

For your trousers head towards the light shades of denim if you are going for jeans, but also cotton slacks, chinos or lightweight twill trousers are all good options. Try not to go for black as this looks very formal, stick to neutral tones.

A nice way to switch up your wardrobe for spring is to swap out one piece of a winter layered outfit for something more spring-like with a bit of colour. For example a black coat for a beige jacket or a grey blazer for a blue linen blazer.

For us, it’s all about experimenting with looks until you have the perfect combination of layering, style and sophistication. If you want some advice for the perfect spring outfit talk to one of our tailoring consultants.

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