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What we actually wore during lockdown

We may have had a few days in an old T-shirt and sweatpants during lockdown, with longer lie ins, constant snacks from the kitchen and a 30 second commute lockdown, was a very different lifestyle to what we are use too.

But when we had to leave the house, go to the shops or had an online meeting with work, we had to make more of an effort and maybe even got a bit excited about our outfits and putting on nicer clothes for the first time that week.



Most of our outfits were a rotation of different shirt, jeans or cotton trousers with a piece of knitwear or an over shirt. We had a very casual wardrobe and style, as tailoring and jackets felt out of place at home.

We also fell in love with the polo shirt under knitwear, as it gives sophistication as well as being comfortable.  The key to our lockdown looks was to wear something that we still felt motivated in as well as being comfortable. We tried to make a bit of an effort every day because It made us feel better about not going out.

Dressing well also gives you a boost to your mental performance as it focuses you and makes you feel more confident. Even if it was just putting a shirt on rather than a T-shirt.



We also tried not to get bored of our clothes.  We tried to find pieces we hadn’t worn in a while or that we weren’t sure we liked anymore, because we had the opportunity to explore new looks and test run them at home. We have become very good at a smart casual dress code but hopefully we will be back in our suits soon, as we start to head back into the office.

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