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What style overcoat to invest in this winter

The humble overcoat is a staple to a well-dressed man’s wardrobe but is often overlooked.

They are the type of piece in your wardrobe that you only need one of and it will last and serve you well for many years to come. Getting the right overcoat though can be a task as it needs to stand up to the elements, stand up to repeat wear day in day out and needs to go just about with everything you own.

A tall order, but is well worth the investment when you find the right one.

The Crombie coat

With historic links to the royal Russian family, the Crombie coat is also known as the covert coat. Historically it has a contrasting velvet collar, ticket pocket, poachers inside pocket, distinctive cuff and hem and a thorn proof fabric.

The modern template is single-breasted often with a button fly, as well as having similarities to a chesterfield coat.

Its sharp clean lines can look overly formal in some situations but looks incredible layered over a suit and this is why it has been chosen by so many well-dressed men. Including Sinatra and Kennedy. But we also think it works over a more smart casual look of a basic piece of knitwear and jeans.

The Peacoat

With its military origins, the peacoat always has a sense of style about it. From a hardwearing coat designed for sailors in the Royal Navy, in order to make them look smarter in official presentations. But the modern-day peacoat we know was created for the US Navy for the 2nd world war.

Made from Melton wool which is very dense and repels water it has defining features including a large collar which can protect your whole head if need be as well as being a double-breasted jacket. It’s still an extremely stylish jacket which you can find in a range of lengths depending on your preference.

The Duffle coat

You may reminisce about your childhood duffle coat but we think it’s time you had one in your wardrobe now. People generally relate the duffle coat to the Navy but was actually used across all military branches as is it extremely practical and warm.

The Duffle is a simple unlined mid-length woollen coat with patch pockets and a hood, it is also often seen to have toggle fastenings. It really works well over casual wear and if you style it right looks great over your suit in a darker shade.

Let us know what style overcoat you will be investing in this Autumn-Winter season.

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