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What does your ‘Zoom wardrobe’ look like in 2021?

Smart casual is our ‘go to’ work wardrobe at the moment, especially for video call meetings.

It’s good to make sure that while we are well dressed for work, we’re also feeling comfortable in what we’re wearing at home.


Knitwear can be your best friend for zoom calls.  Easy to slip on, effortlessly smart and a quick way to cover a boring or not so smart shirt.

If you’ve only managed a t-shirt and jeans for the day, then having a great piece of knitwear handy isn’t a bad Idea.  When your boss starts ringing, you can throw it on and instantly look much more professional.

There are so many different styles – zip neck, shawl, lupetto, turtle neck, cardigan, waistcoats, V-Neck and round neck.  You’re soon spoilt for choice, depending on your own wardrobe and taste.

Jeans and Chinos

Working from home usually means no suit trousers, so the next best things are either a pair of good quality jeans (not the ones you wear in the garden) or a pair of well-cut chinos.

Both are comfy as well as looking professional, if dressed with a smart shirt or piece of knitwear.

Leaving the casual clothes aside and dressing for work is one way to help create the sense of a working day. This can really help separate your work and home life and can be part of maintaining a work-life balance despite current circumstances.

Polo shirts

Polo shirts are one of the best options for zoom calls and online meetings.  Not as smart as a button-down shirt but also not a ‘too causal’ T-Shirt. 

Great for wearing whilst working from home as they are comfortable ad relaxed, but also perfect for being able to jump on video calls at any time.

Shoes or slippers ?

This question is something we have all debated over the last year.

Some of us find it easier to work from home if we have created a work environment.  That may be an office desk set up and wearing work clothes, which for some also includes putting on their shoes. This can feel much more professional and help keep a work focus.

Others are very comfortable wearing slippers because it feels normal at home.

In our opinion, do what works for you!

Get in contact with one of our Tailors to discuss our new Smart Casual range that is perfect for working from home and those endless  zoom meetings.

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