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Tweed jacket and jeans, the perfect smart casual pairing

Although we are currently enjoying summer it is always useful to plan your style and wardrobe choices for Autumn winter, and a tweed jacket with jeans is one of those great smart casual looks that is totally timeless.

With roots in tradition tweed has seen a resurgence in modern men’s fashion alongside its staple in country weekends and pursuits attire.

With the earthy tones you now seen in a lot of the tweed being made at the moment it is easier to pair with more modern pieces and doesn’t have the same kind of stereotypes as the bright green tweeds we associate with the British country look.  

The versatility of tweed is a big selling point, it’s warm, to a level waterproof, can look smart and formal but can also be dressed down into a casual look and this is where we see it being beautifully paired with a well-fitting pair of jeans.

This tweed blazer and jeans combo is a perfect choice for the pub or a weekend activities. Tweed can be hard to pair with other patterns due to the vibrancy of the weave hence why we often go for a 2 or 3 piece tweed suit being made, because we know it’s going to work well together. But when pairing it with other pieces always aim for something plain.

This is where jeans are great. A solid colour, well-fitting and possibly bespoke pair of jeans is undeniably the most sophisticated casual piece you can have in your wardrobe.

Pair this with a plain shirt and a tweed blazer made from weave of your choice you’ve got an amazingly smart, casual look which can be  worn to a smart casual work event or just to the pub at the weekend.

We think jeans and tweed are a great pairing that you should try out.

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