When it comes to buying formal wear that looks stylish and fits like a dream, the only way to go is bespoke. A bespoke suit is different from a made-to-measure suit, in that it is cut from a pattern that is made exactly to your measurements. Made-to-measure is cut from a standard pattern, and then adjusted to fit you. Both will fit better than an off the rack suit, but bespoke is the most luxurious and beautiful way to wear formal clothing. You are going to spend more on a bespoke outfit than you are on a standard one in a department store, but this money is more than worthwhile if you are prepared to do your research and follow these tips for having your suit created for you.

Find The Right Tailor
Some stores have a section where you can see a tailor, and this may be fine as long as you choose a store and a tailor with a good reputation. Otherwise look online for reviews of various tailors and companies, so that you know that the tailor you are choosing is going to create a truly one-off and beautiful suit for you.

Build A Relationship With Your Tailor
Unless you have a bad experience, stick with your tailor once you have worked with them, so that you have the chance to build up a rapport and a relationship with them. This way they will get to know what your preferences are without you having to ask.

Ask Questions And Be Prepared To Say No
This is your suit and you are paying good money to get it the way you want it. Be prepared to ask questions and say no to something if you are not happy with it. A good bespoke suit should require around three fittings, but you should be prepared to come back as many times as you need to until your tailor gets it right and you are completely satisfied.

Do Your Research
Your tailor will be able to walk you through the various options for your suit, including the types of cloth, style of the suit, close cut or looser, how many buttons and so on. But it may be useful for you to do your research in advance so that you have some idea as to what you want before you even walk through the door. This will cut the process down and make it easier for you and your tailor.

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