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Top picks for best-dressed Bond villains

There are so many to choose from so here are a few of our collective top picks

First up is Ernst Stravo Blofield from “On Her Majesty’s Secret service” (1969) played by Telly Savalas.

His brown stand collar jacket with military inspiration and red embroidery detail is a thing of beauty, but the bald head really does create the iconic villain look.

Max Zorin in “A View to a Kill” (1985) played by Christopher Walken is an extremally well-dressed villain in his jet-black suit, striped shirt, and blood-red tie. This paired with his brilliantly bold hair makes him look almost psychotic.

It’s definitely one of the most iconic of all the villains.

Karl Stromberg is up next from “The spy who loved me” (1977) played by Curd Jurgens.

Stromberg has sleek futuristic clothing which fits with the plans of his underwater empire.

We love the colours in this shirt he is wearing, would make an excellent suit lining.

Christopher lee’s Francisco Scaramanga from “The man with the golden gun” (1974) had a beautiful wide-lapelled white suit which was an unbelievably striking and memorable look in our eyes.

Finally, we have to include Raoul Silva played by Javier Bardem in “Skyfall” (2012) who was a truly scary bond villain in his stylish look of the white blazer with a paisley shirt but he did always seemed to look disheveled

Let us know who you think the best-dressed bond villain is…

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