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Top five fabrics to keep cool in a summer wedding

Even though we live in the UK and our summer often means rain, that doesn’t also mean cold.

We do have to think about different fabrics for different seasons and adapt to our varied weather pattern.


A classic suit material, linen is made for summer.

Perfect due to is lightweight and open breathable weave, linen is a natural fibre made from flax plant. This gives it a breathable quality which is just what you need on a hot day.

The look of linen has an effortless charm with its visible weave and wrinkles.

If you want it to be a little bit smoother, try a linen cotton blend. Also ideal on a day when you may be nervous and hot under the collar


The most versatile choice when it comes to a summer wedding suit.

Cotton means a classic casual look as well as being perfect for summer.  It delivers comfort without compromising on style and sophistication.

Although stiffer than your normal wool suit fabrics, cotton is much cooler.  It’s natural fibre means a breathable fabric that will see you through the hottest day of the year or the classic British summer downpour.


Seersucker fabric for suits has been on the rise. It’s generally striped or chequered  with a puckered, crinkled feel and is 100% cotton.  An usual but ideal, summer choice.

Cool and stylish, it’s something a little different for the groom or as a guest. 

You could even just bring elements into your wedding suit such as a seersucker bow tie.

Fresco wool

Wool is normally not a summer fabric choice, but fresco wool is different.

Fresco is made from multiple yarns all highly twisted. The high twist means that the fabric is an open weave and so breathable like linen.

The look and feel of the wool makes it look extremely elegant and sophisticated, perfect for your wedding suit.


Chambray is a lightweight cotton fabric with a slight gloss.

It is breathable and sweat wicking just like cotton.

The weave is similar to denim and it’s just as durable. But with a much lighter weight it has movement and a soft texture.

It’s a great choice for a summer wedding suit as it can look great in so many colours.

Contact us now to take a look at our fabric options for your own summer wedding suit in the comfort of our luxury Dormeuil showroom.

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