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Tips for a spring summer work wardrobe

With temperatures rising and the sys growing longer now is the perfect time for a few of our tops tips on how to combat your work wardrobe for the summer months.

Choose breathable fabrics

Cotton and linens are going to be your best friends throughout the warm weather, these are natural fibres which give them a breathable quality which should help keep you cool and vented.

They are also moisture wicking so if you are getting ait hot and bothered perspiration will evaporate out of the garment as much as it can.

Embrace lighter colours

During the winter you might opt for darker colours which absorb heat but during the summer you really want the opposite, so looking at lighter colours is a great way of mixing up your wardrobe and keeping cool.

Pastels, white, cream and light browns are a great option and look really stylish.

Layering is key

Now although we are talking about warmer weather we know what the British summer can be like. One minute you are in sweltering heat and then the next it’s an overcast damp day.

Layering is the way to go with this unpredictable climate.

You want overs shits and lightweight knitwear that you can easily put on and take off depending on what it’s like outside.

We would also always recommend looking at the weather forecast when planning an outfit.

Smart casual options

If your office has changed its dress code to be a bit more smart casual then take that as an opportunity to wear more comfortable and weather-appropriate outfits and not just your suit. For example smart trousers and polo or oxford cloth button-down shirt.

If you do still have to wear a suit look at line. Or cotton as we have previously discussed.

Mindful grooming

This shouldn’t come as a surprise but think about your grooming in the heat, keep to the shorter haircuts and trim your facial hair as much as is comfortable for you as this will help you stay cool and fresh.

Lighter-weight products are good as well so you don’t feel too greasy and don’t forget SPF.

These are just a few helpful tips for when you are struggling to keep cool at work and still look great.

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