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Here in the Fielding and Nicholson offices, we recently began discussing the most popular choices of suit colour from 2016. We’ve seen a huge array of colours and styles over the course of the year, including greens, reds and even a brave yellow or two!

But above all else, the most popular colour this year has been blue. Though grey is a close second, grey suits tend to be chosen predominantly in a darker charcoal shade for work wear. Blue however has been consistently used throughout this year in a stunning array of different hues – as shown in the collection of images below.

The summer months of this year held many weddings – as one would expect. With these weddings being in the light of the sun, spectacular shades of turquoise and teal were a popular choice with some of our clients. Free from the restrictions of an office, darker blues and navys were over-ruled by lighter shades. These lighter colours are enhanced by the natural light, which makes these suits really pop – perfect for standing out on their big day.

For our clients that simply wanted to smarten up their day-to-day office wear; ever-faithful navies were chosen. As Tom Ford once said “every man should have a well cut dark suit” and navy is the most versatile dark suit that any man can own.

Congratulations to all that were wed this year in their bespoke F & N suit!

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