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The wonders of pleated trousers

We have always been an advocate for pleated trousers. They look great, whether that’s on their own, with a T-shirt or as part of a suit. The elegant design of such a simple fold of fabric is flattering but also adds a layer of interest to the design of the trousers.

Although pleated trousers might make you think of the great dressers of the 30s on the Italian coast they are very on-trend right now as well.

Pleats are used to help shape the trouser as it creates an elegant but excess of fabric which give more room around the thigh making them more comfortable to wear, they really are a  level up on trouser tailoring compared to your standard flat fronted style.

If you love a classic vintage look especially in your tailoring then pleated trousers are definitely something to consider when looking into your next suit.  The great thing about pleated trousers is that yes they will look great in a suit with the matching jacket but they are also a standout piece when dressing them with other pieces from your wardrobe. Now although we have said vintage we don’t mean old and stuffy!

Traditional high waisted, double-pleated trousers will always give a more formal impression when worn (maybe save these for your more smart looks). But pleated trousers can definitely be worn more casually, try going for a single-pleated trouser instead and a more relaxed mid-rise style, also try to avoid cuffs as these also fall on the smarter end of the spectrum.

If you need any help or advice and you are thinking about investing in some pleated trousers, contact one of our tailoring consultants who will be more than happy to help

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