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The Vegan Suit

Veganism has become more and more popular, and for some people this extends to what they wear not just what they eat.

Here is a guide to a bespoke vegan choice.


A vegan suit doesn’t mean limited fabric options. The classic cotton, linen and velvet are still available, as these are all made from natural fibres

But there are also new options such as hemp and bamboo.

Bamboo fabric is made from the cellulose found in the leaves and stem of the plant, which is then spun to create the yarn. It’s a great alternative to wool with the same look and feel.

It is twice as absorbent as cotton and has the advantage of being highly wrinkle resistant.

Hemp is a sustainable, low impact and biodegradable choice which comes from a non-psychoactive cannabis plant.

Hemp has been used in garment construction in Europe since 1,200 BC.

It’s softer, stronger and longer lasting than many other fabrics, which makes it a great choice when investing in a bespoke suit.


Linings are so important to a suit.  They bring the look together and add a sense of personality.

Most suit linings are made of silk, which is produced by silk worms, so not vegan.

But there are other options such as synthetic satin or a natural plant fibre like Bamboo silk.

Bamboo silk is luxurious fabric, completely natural, biodegradable and soft on the skin. The fibres have a natural sheen and softness that feels and drapes perfectly for a suit lining.


The internal canvas of a bespoke suit is normally made from horse hair.

But there are options for those looking for a vegan suit.

Synthetic canvas of man-made fibres or a natural hemp both work well.


Something you might not thought of when thinking about your vegan suit is buttons.

Most buttons are made from mother-of-pearl shells or animal horn, neither of which are vegan.

Of course there are man-made options such as plastic, but the plant based option of the Corozo nut is the best choice.

Corozo nuts are also known as vegetable ivory or Tagua nut, are seeds of a certain palm tree native to south America. The buttons are drilled out of the seed.  Due to the unique grain, each button is slightly different adding character to your suit.

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