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The timeless elegance of the bespoke dress shirt

You can pick up a dress shirt at nearly every shop on the Highstreet nowadays but when it comes to fit, quality, and style there is no better investment than going bespoke, it elevates your wardrobe to a whole new level.


Fit is everything, off-the-rack shirts come in standard sizes which don’t cater to individuals’ body types. Whilst bespoke is crafted to your body, the perfect length to tuck into your trousers, the perfect sleeve, and shoulder width to skim over your arms in the most flattering way. Bespoke is designed to accentuate your best bit and draw attention away from your imperfections, that is your tailor’s goal.

We do a lot of bespoke styles here at Fielding & Nicholson but we all agree there is nothing better than slipping on the perfect dress shirt.


Unlike off the rack, you can choose your cloth which comes from quality suppliers, cut by true craftsmen, and stitched into a long-lasting, beautiful piece of clothing.

A tailored bespoke shirt comes from years of experience to create something that is visually striking but durable and will retain its charm time and time again through wears and washes.


With bespoke you have the chance to make your garment your own, not just through cloth and style choices like buttons and lapel size but through tiny details like stitching and monograms.  This bespoke detailing lets you create a shirt that reflects your tastes and set you apart from the crowd.


Comfort is a big word in the world of bespoke because when buying off the rack you have no choice in how the garment feels, you think about how it looks more.  Whilst with bespoke you have the choice about how it feels against your body and if you don’t like it then you can change it.

A bespoke piece of clothing including a dress shirt should account for your body’s unique shape, your own preferences as well as movement and breathability.  

In a world where quick fashion is easy and dress shirts are readily available do your body and yourself a service and invest in bespoke especially dress shirts because they just make you look and feel good, they also make others take a second look at quality and style.

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